Monday, February 4, 2013

Still here...

...keepin' on keepin' on.

I think my least favorite word is "busy." Such a lame excuse, no? And yet... that's my only one. Busy. Thank you for your sweet notes and concern, but I have mostly just the plague of the working world to blame, and the havoc it can sometimes wreak on our emotional breathing room. I'm always over on Twitter or Instagram, you know. No need to craft paragraphs there. No need to format. Other platforms work a little better for the dreaded "busy."

I also haven't opened Google Reader since around Thanksgiving, so I apologize for not sharing your own spaces more frequently. Like so many things, I'll try to be better at that.

A song for today. (For every day.) One of my all-time favorites, given such sweetness by the Lumineers.

To slowing down, then... sooner (ideally) or later (more realistically).
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