Friday, February 5, 2016

Deja vu all over again

Sometimes the only way to start is just to start, however unartfully and inarticulately. So this is me, starting. Again. Surely I can do better than four blog posts in all of 2015.

So here's where things stand:
  • My little people are awesome. They're 22 months apart, but if Charlie had the power he'd shrink that number right down to nothing. He watches her constantly. Smiles when she smiles, laughs when she laughs, looks on jealously when she's eating, watches her move and tries his hardest to keep up. It's hilarious and touching and a lot of fun. Oh: there will be birth stories!
  • Remember this post? A few of you commented or wrote me that it seemed like I was writing about being pregnant before I could tell anyone I was pregnant. It's true that I was pregnant then, but I was actually writing about work. 2015 did not go according to plan professionally. So I took a longer-than-last-time maternity leave to sort it all out. And now I'm back - same place, but new clients. So we'll see.
  • Oh, but the content of that post, the point? Well that's why I'm here, because it all still applies. Work just got crazier when it was supposed to settle down and I buried myself in it until I couldn't breathe. So I'm breathing again, and back to feeling normal, and therefore wanting to write again and have a little outlet here. So let's just pretend that was dated 2016, okay?
  • What is "normal" for a working mom of two, by the way? Because I don't know. I feel messy and disorganized and overextended but bursting with love. Also: tired. I'm guessing that's all very normal, actually.
  • T and I are trying our best to keep our babysitter booked. That was our resolution together for the year. We went to the movies last weekend, our first time in a theater since I was pregnant with Hazel. I'm determined to see at least three Best Picture nominations before the Oscars, which will be a heck of a lot better than the last few years. (And yes, this from the person who saw every film in every category, including all the Shorts, a couple of mere dependents ago!)
  • So I'm trying with pop culture. That's something, right? [Obligatory shoutout to "Spotlight," which is incredible and makes me yearn for my "promising journalist" days in Boston. Oh, youth!]
  • Politics and current events are happening. There is an election. I have a candidate! I finally figured it out for myself this week. (Better late than never - more soon.) In the meantime, there are idiots in the CDC publishing guidelines like this, but then there is this, thankfully. As usual, humor is the best remedy.
  • On the homefront, we are still in our 1906 DC rowhome, bursting to the seams with OMGplastic and OMGonefullbathroom. We finally redid our backyard, which I know I never blogged about. We're talking with folks now about The Big Digout. Finished basement, here we come! Gulp. 
  • Blogging seems so quaint now. Remember when it was cutting edge? Now it feels so old school and long form, which is maybe why I crave it. Keep me honest over on Twitter and Instagram if I don't blog again for three more months, okay? Because I really want to be back soon.
  • Related: I never quite survived the Google Reader massacre. What do you all use to keep up with blogs now? 

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