Thursday, February 27, 2014


I knew it would happen this way, that I'd look up and have a three and half month old and be back at work for so long it's like I never left. That's a good thing, in my mind. Time is flying, but it's great. It's more of a balancing act than ever, but I've always been pretty decent on the tightrope. I think the years leading up to now were so full of angst at times, that actually being a parent, after all it took to get here? Not stressing me out. Still grateful.

I mean, this kid!

She's sort of a tank, and she's a grinning fool, and she's ridiculously adorable. Pastimes include hanging out watching us cook dinner, talking to herself, wanting us to "stand" her up, smiling, and eating. That's H in a nutshell these days.

On the eating: this girl of ours can eat. She's downing 18-25 ounces of milk just while I'm at work. Our nanny says she's never seen anything like it. Somehow, someway, I'm keeping up with her with the pumping. Today I realized my allergy meds have recently decreased my supply a bit, so I think I can get back on top of her appetite a little now that I've stopped the Zyrtec. I hope so, because the freezer stash is gone, so I'm on the hook. Never fear: I'm already all over the fenugreek, oats, and special tea.

She's becoming a good little sleeper, thankfully. Lately we've been moving her bassinet ever so slowly away from our bed, down the hall, and into her room. This will be her third night in the bassinet in her bedroom. We can usually depend on her to sleep from 10ish to 5ish, which works pretty well since that's when T wakes up, too. Of course, last night she randomly woke up to eat at 2:30, so we're far from 100%. But I feel good about where we are and how she's doing.

I was talking to a favorite friend tonight and saying that I wish I'd taken time to blog about more of this transition - about H being breech for a while, about our birth story, about all the moments leading up to now. This is why Instagram exists, I suppose - helping harried folks like myself snap moments to remember when there's just no time or brain power for paragraphs.

I'm getting back into the swing of things, though - I can feel it. (Hell, I'm wearing workout clothes as I type and just marked an X on a brand new Calendar of Shame - remember that?) More to come. I really want my little corner of the world here to stay alive, even if just a little bit.
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