About Me

I’m an earnest lefty who smiles a lot. A nerd with social graces. An extrovert who loves staying in and cooking. A serious thinker who loves going out and not being serious. A girl with a weakness for social justice... and overpriced footwear. A strident independent who managed to meet her match and have a couple of kids. They're awesome. (So is he, by the way.)

I've been a nomad of sorts for years: raised in North Carolina, then north to Boston for college, then west to New Mexico for graduate school, then back south to Dallas for love and marriage and assorted shenanigans. My husband and I moved to Washington, DC in 2010 and love calling this city home. Blogging has been nomadic for me, too. There was the politics blog and then the wedding blog and finally this blog in 2009, which was intended to be a repository for all the many and varied things running through my head, whether fired up or frivolous, newsy or nonsense. Sometimes I achieve that mix. Sometimes I just post cute kiddo photos.

We own a 1906 rowhouse in Capitol Hill that we are forever working on, a stone's throw from some of DC's most iconic landmarks. We spend a lot of time walking around the neighborhood with our daughter Hazel, born in November 2013, and our scruffy mutt Eleanor (named after the First Lady, natch). Our cats will find a way to enact revenge in the night if they are not also mentioned here (such cats, those two), so let's all say hello to Switters and Fanny, too. Our little gal H was a long time in the making - three years, two IUIs, and three rounds of IVF, in fact. I wrote about our journey here, if you're interested. After a short maternity leave I jumped right back into my transit/communications/policy/planning thing, which keeps me busy and, you know, tired.

In the midst of all this life stuff, my blog is sometimes neglected. When I win the lottery, though (note to self: begin playing the lottery), I'll be a blogging machine. This space will feature daily commentary on the news, chatty confessionals, renowned recipes, and gorgeous inspiration boards. I'll also be juggling the publicity demands of my national bestseller "Exploring the Historic Downtowns of Eastern North Carolina" and the leisure demands of my new beach house. It will be amazing, I know it.

Until then... tired ramblings. And cute kiddo photos.

Thanks for reading,

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