Friday, September 11, 2009

Regularly scheduled programming to resume next week

I wasn't going to skip out on my fave blogging feature Friday I'm in Love today, until two things happened:
  1. I contracted some sort of intense sinus pain/head cold/chills&fever situation last night, which means I'm currently drugged and barely capable of typing
  2. Due to last night's medicated state, I did not get much done on a work deadline, so will be spending the day hurriedly trying to craft logical planning language despite feeling like my head is floating above my body
We're hopping on a plane to New Orleans this afternoon, so wish my tender eardrums luck up there (and keep the rain away, while you're at it). I'll be eating my way through Nola with three companions this weekend: my fantastic h-word, about to celebrate a birthday, his father/Best Man extraordinaire Dean, and Dean's fabulous partner-in-crime, Jeanne.

Photographic evidence from our wedding as to why we invited Dean and Jeanne to join us in Nola:

Assuming that my taste buds come back soon, I'll be joyously savoring yumminess at:
  • August, where I may or may not try to flirt with Chef John Besh
  • Antoine's, where I will brunch amidst jazz and down Bloody Marys
  • Cafe du Monde, where we will stuff our faces with beignets after the bars close to ward off hangovers
  • Many and varied hole-in-the-wall spots tonight, where we're going to bar/music/restaurant-hop
  • Mystery spot for lunch on Saturday, although I'm leaning toward Mother's
Is The Big Easy ready for me to totter my way around its streets, high on medication and wearing 4-inch heels? Only time will tell... Come back Monday for the full report, including a wrapup of all the fun birthday surprises I have in store for my favorite guy. Happy weekend, everyone!

PS: White Thread Weddings is featuring our wedding today, if you're into that sort of thing ;-)


  1. Feel better BF and have a fabulous weekend in New Orleans! Big birthday hug for T!

  2. I love New Orleans! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Happy birthday, H-word!

  3. Boo for random illness. Hope you feel better and have an awesome weekend! Someday I vow to get myself to New Orleans...

  4. So fun! Always wanted to go. Flash someone for me.

  5. Hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!! Rest up :)

  6. if you have a diiner open try Tujacks...and get the brisket appitizer...then die happy!

    Have fun!!

  7. Lucky you are missing a yucky misty day here in Dallas.

  8. Hope you're feeling better. Enjoy your trip!!

  9. Wah! So sorry to hear you were not feeling well. I hope the trip was successful and the woozy feeling did not impede any of that fab food eating!!

    P.S. Very happy birthday wishes to Trevor xx

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