Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because laughing babies are magical.

I just can't help myself. Another video, this time of Lucas being adorable and hyper while all the other men of the house were taking a marathon-style nap and Lisa and I were left to our own devices (read: cocktails). It's kind of awesome.

Metallic beads courtesy of my neighborhood 4th of July parade.

Update: Apparently the video is only showing in Internet Explorer, not Firefox. Also the comments are being annoying - try commenting as Anonymous or Name/URL and that might work. Grrrr.


  1. slightly drunk but very responsible!

    [he says from the safe perch of his nap].

  2. Sigh- such a cutie! Samma

  3. i cannot see the video dammit! it's probably my browser from 1994. i'm guessing i shouldn't call my work's help desk with a request to update my browser because 'i cannot watch a video on one of my favorite blogs'!

    i *could* watch the dinosaur one though and LOVED IT.

  4. Lisa here again!

    Now Trevor - I may have been slightly drunk since I'm such a lightweight these days, but just so we're clear - it was just one little cucumber gin & tonic! *followed by a stroll to the liquor store to get more gin* :-)


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