Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

It feels great to be back in the normal swing of things enough to do a little Friday I'm in Love action. So let's jump right in!

Jonah Hill: Skinny, but Still Funny

Jonah Hill's new physique has been freaking me out... until watching this and realizing that, no, he didn't lose his hilarity along with his midsection. I'm excited to see 'Moneyball' this weekend, by the way. Anyone else?

Happiest Space Ever

I love this. As in, if I get sick of my downstairs bathroom decorating project I may just have to start painting happy little squares everywhere.

Girl Needs a Girly Bike

I want this. Hardcore want it. "Neeeeeeeed" it. Those little orange and red stripes?!

That's all from me! I'm excited to do some nesting and have some low-key fun this weekend. Happy Friday, folks!


  1. Thank you so much for finding the bike I've been looking for! Perfect cross between non-cruiser, non-generic hybrid, plus cute colors and functional. Already sent to the husband for the birthday/xmas list :)

  2. I'm glad Jonah Hill is getting healthy, but I must say, I miss the loveable fat kid persona he executed oh-so well.


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