Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures, not words

Lately I'm enjoying Instagram so much more than Twitter. I think it's because my head hurts from being overworked, and all the words of Twitter flying by at a rapid pace only ramp up my crowded brain. Looking at pictures, though, makes my head feel clearer, calmer. And so while I've been a terrible blogger, my phone is bursting with images that hint at just what I've been up to the last couple of weeks.

Not pictured: working. Working working working.

But fun things I've been doing, and photographing, include admiring the colors of my neighborhood.

 Being blessed with gorgeous wedding invitations.

Turning a head of cauliflower into a dessert-like substance.

Eating lots of oysters (which happen to go really well with martinis).

Replacing a toilet (surprisingly easy, it turns out).

 And working... again.

But then, finally, it was time to jet off to Austin. Oh how I needed this trip.

I spent the first day with my dear Kate, introducing new Bebe L to the wonders of Austin patio lounging.

T arrived and by the miracle of all miracles, we did not call into work. We did a lot of this instead.

We ate ourselves silly at Salt Lick for the rehearsal dinner. We also spent a lot of time looking up at the sky, marveling at all the stars. It's sad how long it had been since I'd done nothing but look up at the sky. Feeling small under all those stars is an amazing feeling.

The next day, it was time for the wedding. And oh, this wedding. One of T's best friends from Dallas married a woman who is his match in every way. It was stunning, and so full of joy.

We arrived back in DC late Sunday night, and the first thing I saw was the bounty of pink blossoms, bright even against the night sky. Our cherry blossoms had opened over the weekend. The next morning I took the same shot, in awe of these pretties right outside the door. 

Spring has sprung. And now I'll be taking pictures of flowers every day to document it.


  1. I love DC in the spring! Where are the Osyters from? I am always in for Oyster Happy Hours!

  2. i am loving instagram too. even though these photoaday things are getting old, it's fun to look back! and unlike *real* photos, there's no pressure. if i want to post a crappily-lit, over-filtered picture of a cupcake, i do!

    and the flowers and blooming trees are getting really close to pulling me out of this funk. so pretty.

  3. Love this glimpse into your life lately, Lady!

  4. that cauliflower looks out of sight

  5. This is one beautiful set of photos. Thank you.

  6. i agree - more instagram and less blogging seems to fit perfectly with the springtime. more time out and about and less time in front of a computer. great pics!

  7. I love Instagram too. Your photos are fantastic! Love the houses, love the letterpress and love baby L! How cool you got to hang out with blogger friends in Dallas.

  8. Agree as I am stalking all of your photos and Erin's as well. Immediate satisfaction.


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