Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day lemonade

Lots of ladies in my life lately, which I adore. They're helping to take my mind off some less-than-awesome medical developments in my world. Great ladies will do that for a girl.

My pals from graduate school spent the weekend here, walking the monuments with me and remembering all about that thing we have here on the East Coast called humidity. It was a sweaty, wonderful weekend. We planned Marjorie's side business, planned Mikaela's forthcoming son's middle name, planned the trashy fictional series I will write to make my millions. We do know how to plan, the three of us. I love those two with all I have, and Albuquerque is a lucky city to have them.

The girls approved of Eleanor, of course. She continues to amuse us with her scruffy self and charming antics.

She's such a little squirt right now. I keep wondering aloud to T if she's ever actually going to grow (a weekend parasite certainly didn't help matters). She's sort of a miniature old lady right now with that beard of hers. I can't get enough of that funny face.

See that collar of hers? Girl is decked out for election season. She's feeling it, too - I'm pretty sure after Tuesday night she was angling for a name change to Michelle. I get it - my love for the First Lady knows no bounds. 

How are the cats hanging in there, you might be wondering? Differently. Switters is more eager to be pals, and Fanny is occasionally bitchy for no reason whatsoever. In other words, they're being themselves. But ten days in, we're feeling pretty good about interspecies cooperation over here.

Puppy kisses, kitten purrs, good politics on tv, good friends visiting me from too far away... this is me making the best of this month. Bring it, September.


  1. I want to squeeze E.She is just the cutest!! Don't tell my beasts though. They think they have that title locked up.
    Good Gals are a necessity. Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I'm so obsessed with Eleanor's collar. We joke that our oldest dog, Jake, is a Republican because he HATES change. Ozzie, our newest, is definitely the Dem dog in the family. He was making dog noises of approval during Mr. Clinton's speech last night. We may need to hook him up with a snazzy collar of his own :)

  3. Eleanor is the cutest freaking thing ever! That face kills me! I hope she's giving you lots of puppy loving and going easy on you with those killer puppy teeth. Wish I could get a snuggle in and enjoy a whiff of that wonderful puppy breath. Nothing like it!

  4. So glad you are making the most of September! I'm reading to take it on in force as well. Maybe we should get a dog!? Nothing compares to her regal coolness. Love it!

  5. Eleanor is just the sweetest pup ever. I feel like she and Kate Middleton would be fast friends.

  6. Eleanor = to die for. Just adorable. The amount of happiness our dog brings us knows no end and I hope the same for you! :)


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