Friday, March 21, 2014


You know those moments when you stumble upon a new way of doing a very simple task and feel utterly lame and excited all at once? That's me with this video of how to scramble eggs.

I know... how to scramble eggs. Every child's first cooking project, right?

I've always scrambled eggs by cracking them into a mixing bowl, whisking, and then putting them into a warm pan with a little melted butter or olive oil. I thought I made some pretty decent eggs. But then yesterday, I got an email from Tasting Table showing me just how shortsighted I've been my whole life.

Here's what they recommend:
  • Crack your eggs right into the pan, which should be cold
  • Add butter after your eggs
  • Use one extra yolk in addition to your whole eggs
  • Use a spatula, not a whisk
  • Don't stop stirring
I followed Tasting Table's recommendations to a tee today, and holy cow... seriously a thousand times better than any eggs I've ever made before. Absolutely creamy, and without any milk, cream, or cheese. SO yummy.

There are more details in the post itself, so go get your egginess on at The Perfect Egg. And look, a video!

Mind blown and bellies full over here. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's been scrambling eggs the wrong way!

Edited to add: Don't let the runniness in the video scare you! Mine have never looked like that. And yes, you can limit the amount of butter and they'll still be delicious :-)


  1. I'm intrigued! But also concerned that the eggs at the end of the video look like egg soup instead of the scrambled eggs I'm accustomed to. I'm also surprised they didn't stick to the pan. So I guess I'm skeptical and intrigued. :)

  2. It is amazing that I do everything except put it in a cold pan. I'll try it in the morning.

  3. I had no idea. I will absolutely try this.

  4. those eggs would never fly in my house. too wet says husband. i kinda agree.

  5. I just tried it and they are delicious... but half of that is the added butter. I don't usually scramble my eggs in butter, but I did start cooking them at a lower temperature a few years ago, and it makes a huge difference in the creaminess. For those worried that they are too runny, just keep cooking them. They'll firm up quickly.

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