Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby H Update

Time is marching on over here. Here's Miss H at four and five months.

She's a mellow babe with an easy smile, 75% weight and 80% height. At her four-month checkup the doc spotted three teeth coming in early. None have poked out yet, but they're all still completely visible through her gums. I think we're getting close, though, because they're bothering her more and more.

H is quite pleased with herself now that she can roll over - she's a side-sleeper like her mama. She's also a huge thumb-sucker. Forget pacis, this girl is all about her thumbs. She loves her feet these days and watches in wonder when we chew food. We plan to let her start experimenting with food herself next month, and I think she's going to dig it.

H isn't sleeping steadily through the night anymore, now that she's rolling. She tends to get stuck in a weird position in the early morning and cry until we reposition her or (if she's hungry), just take her into our bed for the next couple of hours. We're working it out.

She's become a big fan of her animal crew, and they're pretty cool with her, too. Eleanor can always make her laugh or smile, and Switters is beyond patient when she grabs his fur and tugs. Fanny will allow a few pats but nothing more. All of them will park outside her door if she's crying or lie underneath the crib. Adorable.

We're breaking out the 6-12 Months clothes, too. H has a long torso and tends to graduate from one-piece items early because the snaps no longer reach. "Diaper-toe" is a common complaint around here. I think she has her dad's body and coloring and my smile and eye shape. So much fun watching this little gal grow.

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  1. She remains the very smiliest! Cannot wait to see her first foods photos!


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