Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper past times

Today is my sister-in-law A's birthday, so I thought I'd take a moment to show off some of the paper I've been working on for her European wedding in eleven (!!) days. A is planning a light and fresh wedding with yellow and gray details - perfect for springtime. The wedding being in a castle and all, she's going with the castle's recommendation of white linens and their ancient silver candelabras. The effect at the reception will lots of glittering candlelight, twinkling lights, shiny silver, and pretty yellow lilies. For paper goods, A wanted to use damask in yellow and gray and match the vibe of her invitations. Such lovely stuff to play around with... really fun for me. Here are the placecards:

And here are the "napkin rings" to dress up the white napkins (I swear in any other light this tissue paper napkin prototype looked white, but here it's definitely yellow - oh well, at least it matches!). A's deciding how or if they want to incorporate text (initials, dates, etc.) on the rings.

Pretty, pretty! And so much more fun to work on these than to pack :-).


  1. I've really enjoyed all the yellow and gray we've seen the last year. In a damask these look so pretty and fresh.

  2. So pretty! You are a paper/wedding master, Miss Featued-Brides-Magazine-Maggie!


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