Monday, December 13, 2010

Beach Therapy

The perfect thank you, via Kirtland House

From the bottom of my heart, a sincere thank you for all the kind words that so many of you sent my way, via letters, calls, comments, tweets, you name it. Each one helped my heart feel a tiny bit better. It's been a very tough few weeks, but I'm really looking forward to a family-focused holiday and a much-needed new year. Besides our increasingly interesting real estate search, my big focus is hanging out at the homestead and watching my newest nephew experience Santa for the first time, among other quiet delights.

After spending so much time on the Outer Banks the last few weeks, I have a renewed appreciation for a cold, quiet beach. One day over Thanksgiving weekend a storm was rolling in, and I took my camera along for the walk. I like how the oncoming storm feels larger than life in these pictures. Or perhaps what I'm really sensing is the photographer's feeling of general powerlessness. Either way, these photos are perfectly suited to that weekend.

These were taken a week later, on a bitter cold December morning. It had snowed the night before - the first snowfall of the season for me, and it happened at the beach. There was something poetic about that. Walking on the beach that cold morning - all bundled up, ears whistling with the wind, cheeks getting chapped - was the best therapy I could find.

Any guesses how often the subject of buying a beach house has come up over the last month? Sigh. We at least promised ourselves we'd retire on the water, which is something, right? Only thirty years to go!


  1. Talk about food for the soul - an adorable little nephew and a gorgeous beach view. Glad you've had a little happiness to brighten some sad days.

  2. isn't there just something about the water that's healing? i've been in a slump for a few weeks, but took a day trip to the beach with my husband. i came back feeling like a different person. the struggles are still there, but the water gives me a new perspective. beautiful pictures, by the way.

  3. Beautiful photos. Many hopes for the future.

  4. Beautiful pictures Maggie. I love a beach sky before a storm. I also want to squeeze(!) your nephew. I would love to hear about any real estate developments, so keep me posted. Thinking of you shug.


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