Friday, December 17, 2010

A good week

  • Dynamic work meetings and interesting projects: check!
  • Fantastic book club gathering at my place: check!
  • Finally finding my local hair stylist: check!
  • Gift-wrapping and card-writing: check!
  • Hiding wrapped presents from ribbon-hungry kittens: check!
  • SNOW: check!
  • Decorating for Christmas: check!

With everything going on lately, we ran out of time to get a Christmas tree. Again. Never mind the huge storage bins of Christmas ornaments in a particular motif that I've collected over the years without actually hanging them on branches. I keep telling myself that next year we'll have our first real tree together, in a house we own. Maybe? Maybe? At any rate, decorating our apartment injected it and me with just the sort of holiday spirit I needed. Here's a little taste...

We're off to Connecticut to celebrate an early Christmas with T's family. Have a winter wonderland weekend, everyone!


  1. The place looks so pretty and festive, Maggie! Safe travels to Connecticut and merry early Christmas!

  2. Looks like your place has plenty of holiday spirit! I love it :)

    Have fun in Connecticut!

  3. You place looks great! Hope you're having a great holiday!!

  4. That should say *your. I should proofread. ;)


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