Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Triumphantly returning for the New Year, I bring you (finally!) a new installment of FC's original Friday I'm in Love series. Here are three fun favorites from my week that I'd like to share. Happy weekend, everyone! 

Soda Stream

In addition to my fancy new food processor, one of my favorite kitchen-related Christmas gifts was a Soda Stream. I adore this thing. Every time I go to the grocery store I lug home bottles of seltzer - no more! Making seltzer fresh every day saves time, money, and hassle - win win win. I highly recommend one to my fellow seltzer-chuggers out there.

Arcimboldo at the National Gallery of Art

 Last week I finally had the chance to see some of Arcimboldo's paintings - work that I find completely fascinating and have admired for ages. This 16th century surrealist uses individual items to compose human figures, ranging from vegetables that celebrate a particular season, to marine life, to library contents. The results are fantastic, clever, and mesmerizing (his reversible paintings aren't to be missed!). I'd hoped to see some of Arcimboldo's work when we were in Vienna (he was a court painter there and in Prague), but they were loaned out during our visit. Of course it took me nearly the full term of the DC exhibit to finally get over there. Which is to say - the exhibit ends tomorrow! Go go go. Anyone who cares about eating locally and seasonally must see Arcimboldo's Seasons paintings and smile. Who needs to buy Pollan's rules when you could simply eat according to a painting?!

Salmon Spread

 I'm full-on obsessed with this salmon spread, the brainchild of a local food blogger. It's incredibly simple to throw together and unbelievably delicious if like me, you love a salty, savory breakfast (or brunch. or lunch. or snack.). Fans of stinky food, prepare yourselves: this stuff is incredible on a plain bagel, perfect on a sandwich, delicious on toast with a fried egg, and I can imagine would be outrageous folded into an omelet or frittata. Have this stuff on hand for your next brunch and I guarantee it'll be a hit among lox lovers (hint hint: it really calls out for a Bloody Mary accompaniment, too).


  1. You know that I ADORE smoked salmon and capers right? Post church brunch coming up! Poor Morgan. Can you flavor the seltzer? (so I can make my own La Croix?). Tell me more!

  2. @Samma: YES! You can buy all sorts of additives to make anything from flavored water to full-on soda. Ours came with a ton of samples to try, then you can buy the full-on bottles of whatever flavor you like (it just takes a squirt into the water to turn it into soda). Check out the website.

  3. Wow! I have not heard about sodastreamers before! That looks really cool. My husband adores the salmon spread.

  4. now I know why I'm getting all these hits from your site ;) Happy Friday and so glad you liked my little "recipe"

  5. I love my soda maker. So much better for the environment, too!

  6. I don't think I've ever had pureed that I finally have a food processor I might have to find out what it's like :)

  7. Yay for the return of these Friday posts! I will have to try the salmon spread soon. I didn't post earlier, but so sorry you didn't get the pretty house. I am rooting for you guys to find something perfect soon. Have a happy weekend!

  8. My sister-in-law got a soda stream, and it looks really cool. As much soda as I drink, it would be put to good use!

    And yay for that salmon spread recipe!! Thanks for passing this along!


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