Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

So.... this week kind of flew by over here! I blame work travel/work meetings/real estate stress/fatigue for getting in the way of posting, should you want an excuse. Next week should be much slower for me, thank goodness. And on that note... let's celebrate a few lovely things from this week before it rushes by us, too.

Giant Drunken Puppet

This guy is the best thing to hit the world of puppetry (?!) for me since, well, ever. How much would you love seeing this guy rambling down the sidewalk of your town? Amazing. A-maz-ing.

Fabio and Blais' Bromance

So in recent years, the Top Chef franchise has been pretty dead to me. Overdone, over-dramatic, over... everything. I happily moved over to Top Chef Masters and that was that. Bravo must've realized there were lots of folks like me out there, tired of seeing sub-par contestants and lackluster dishes sprinkled in among the catfights, and they gifted us with this year's All-Stars version of the show. I, for one, have hungrily eaten up every second of it. The contestants are fantastic, the food is to die for, and the show is fun again. Also, saving the best for last here... Fabio is back! I adore Fabio, and adore him even more when he's nurturing his bromance with Richard Blais on screen. See this blog post of Fabio's, where he draws hearts on Blais' photos, to see what I mean. Follow him on Twitter for more laughs (and Italian lessons!). And go ahead and allow yourself to swoon at every second of that broken English.

This Week's Modern Family

Okay, my love for Modern Family knows no bounds. But this week? I was cackling and then full-on weeping with delight. Funniest. Show. Ever.


  1. Um, so that drunken puppet needs to hang out with Sassy the Muppet asap. I'm sure they would get along famously. Sassy might need to make a reappearance on the blog soon.

    You know how I adore Fabio. Sigh. And Modern Family- currently I find Phil the funniest, but it changes every month or so. So great.

  2. @Samma: "...your zesty performance..." (I choked.)

  3. Love, love modern family and Fabio. He was so sweet this week. The guy loves life and it shows. He's so tapping into Richard's anxiety about possibility not winning Top Chef, again.

    Will check out the drunken puppet.

  4. I am loving Top Chef All-Stars! The bromance is hysterical - Fabio just cracks me up. I don't even care what he cooks, can he please stay until the finale? And Modern Family? I had to pause the DVR and rewind because we were laughing over the dialogue. I love, love, love that show.

  5. This week I watched Modern Family 3 times(once by myself and twice with my husband) and it just got funnier every time!

    I adore Fabio! You're right,I pretty much stopped watching it but the chance to see Fabio and Carla pulled me back in:)

  6. thumbs down to Marcel people skills, he need to learn a lots.


  7. Why, oh why, have I not watched Modern Family before now? After watching the clip you posted, I went to Hulu to watch the episode. Dying! So funny!

  8. OMG! I love Modern Family, too. I was laughing so hard at this week's episode!

  9. I love Modern Family!!!

    I haven't really watched Top Chef, and I'm not familiar with Fabio, but I'll follow anyone if there's Italian involved! (especially if they're talking about food) :)


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