Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend to gear up for a big week of travel. Some baseball, some gardening, some projects around the house... easy. What's on your weekend agenda?

Cutest girls ever.

I bookmarked this forever ago during my blogging hiatus, but I figured if it gives any of you half the pleasure it's given me since then, it's worth sharing. These girls slay me.

Funniest local blog ever.

 DC residents, have you seen this blog yet? I'm sure you have, given the horrified looks on my friends' faces last weekend when they realized I hadn't. At any rate, the When In DC tumblr is What is it about a good gif that just kills me?

Best cauliflower ever.

We're obsessed with this recipe. It's just... luscious. succulent. [enter your favorite sexy food word here]. Make it.


  1. I don't even live in DC and I laughed through all 13 pages of #WHENINDC. Thanks for sharing!

    And a new use for cauliflower? Love it!

  2. Ooh nom! A whole cauliflower!

  3. Hmmm....I don't really like cauliflower but that looks delicioius! I could eat green beans all day. YUM!

  4. I didn't see the When in DC tumblr until just now. So that officially means I live in a cave. No, this time, for real. I love the gov't contractor one-- my husband is a gov't contractor-- so true!!


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