Friday, August 10, 2012

Champagne and Diarrhea, Take II

More of my people from the best-named family portrait session ever. My mom just purchased a large canvas print for each of us, and I think I'm selecting the champagne photo for my print. It's just too good, and makes me grin every time I see it. But really... there are so many other great ones, too! Which would you choose?

(You're welcome for including the diaper explosion here. That photo is just plain awesome.)

Real words next week, promise. We're off for a quick night in New York with T's family and back on Saturday to work on a fun project. Happy, happy weekending!


  1. Definitely the top pic! You guys are just too cute....I've been following your blog(s) since the good ole wedding planning days when I was planning my own wedding as well. Really glad to see that you are doing so well :-).

  2. ewww...but hilarious!!! NYC, so jealous. Have fun. I love your family. Seriously!!! xoxo

  3. Lovely photos. Everyone looks beautiful and happy.

  4. the champagne one is priceless. you have to get that one. and i really adore that black and white one of you two. such a sweet couple :)

  5. i adore th B&W of always take the lead, don´t you? hehehe

  6. In many ways it's unavoidable: no matter how fanatical you are about food preparation, green diarrhea flu


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