Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lady-blogging, DC edition.

You know what my goal is for today? To cook dinner. Not cook a great dinner, not try out a new recipe, but to cook anything at all. These days I'm only cooking on the weekends and maybe one night a week. The rest of those nights I come home later than I'd like and try to recover from the day, when my mind does nothing but reel with tomorrow's To Do list. It's not a sustainable way of being, but until I figure out how to un-busy myself from "8 to 5" (oh, those quotations), my goals will remain simple: cooking edible food tonight.

When my life gets cluttered like this, I find so much inspiration in the women who are managing to charm and amuse on their blogs. Bloggers rocking it when I'm unable to do the same are so humbling, in the best way possible. So allow me to raise my glass to three bloggers who are inspiring me online lately. It doesn't hurt that they also happen to be women I admire in real life, gals with whom I've clinked glasses and shared laughs and great food. DC is bursting with fantastic women, truly. As you'll soon see:


I've been reading Mary's blog The Arugula Files since before we moved to DC - that's how much I like her writing. I think I once even posted a stalker-y "I live in Dallas but hate it here and want to move there and when I do we can be friends" sort of comment. Embarrassing. But how I could I not stalk Mary? She cooks brilliant food that's photographed beautifully, and she writes about it really, really well. Her asides on Arugula Files leave me in stiches (cheesecloth and Beyonce and gracefully acerbic barbs at all things "foodie"). In person, Mary is even more fantastic - and we have a slew of professional interests in common. Too good to be true, right? H Street happy hours have never been more fun.


Mandy is one of those adorable pixie girls who is so damn cute you spend the first few minutes you're with her not even hearing what she's saying because your inner monologue is reeling from all the adorable. And then your brain wakes up and you hear the spunky hilarity coming out of her Nashville-accented mouth, and you're smitten. And then you visit her blog Fabric Paper Glue and are blown away by the DIY wonder that is her online hangout, and you realize that this girl has major.crafting.skillz. And although Mandy's idea of a throw-away project might involve a lot more know-how than you possess (ahem), you love seeing her projects in action anyway. Also: "A Fabric & a Font?" Forever yes.


Oh, Bettina Dear indeed. Bettina lives in my neighborhood and is fast-becoming one of my favorite things about it. Things we have in common: cats, oysters, drinking, cute dresses, dubious love of many academic degrees, politics. Things we don't have in common: just enough to make our conversations interesting, always. Bettina just started blogging and I adore where she's going with it: food, eye candy, politics... a little bit of everything. Sound familiar? Like I said... we have lots in common. So I really think you'll like her. Also, Bettina is not allowed to move to the suburbs... no matter what she says.


  1. It's 4:29 and I'm checking out your blog to find this nice little suprise. Tons of xoxox to you too for all your brave and funny writing.

    Can't wait to check out the other two ladies!

  2. I am seriously blushing right now. Smitten?! For reals? Aw. You're not so bad yourself.

    I'm excited to check out these other blogs!

  3. This post makes my heart super happy. First because I think I've left Mary a few stalker "could we be friends" type of comments over the years. Maggie you may not also be aware that I have an alternate reality version of my adulthood where I move to DC and you and Trevor introduce me to a dashing man and the 4 of us have cook outs all the time and our kids play at the same parks. Whoops, I said that on the internet, didn't I?

    I also LOVE that you and Bettina are pals. I feel like I did a little match making for you two :)

    If I wasn't so recently smitten with my new living arrangements, this post might have made me sad and yearn for my DC roots.


  4. AH! This totally made my day. You're so sweet to mention me, especially since I just started. Thanks for sharing the other blogs, too -- I'll add them to my reader!

  5. I think that's kind of what blogging is about, in part. Stalking people where you think, You Could Be My Friend:).

  6. Yay for discovering new blogs! I can't wait to read these too! Thanks for the recs!


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