Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still kickin'

It's been pointed out that I'm a bad blogger, which is entirely accurate. Instagram is so much easier and fun to update lately than the blog, I have to admit (I'm "magmaeA" over there, by the way). In other words, I'm tired and lazy right now. And yet, our days have been peppered with liveliness, too. A little taste:

This girl.

Getting a dog was such a good idea. She's worth it in every way, even if she's turning out to be a little shrimp who'll be probably 1/3 of what I consider to be the ideal dog weight. She's our little shrimp, though, and she's perfect. DNA test results coming soon!

This weekend getaway.

We spent a recent weekend on the Delaware beaches with one of our favorite couple friends, J and A. The four of us see a lot of each other around DC, so when they invited us to hang at their parents' place in Delaware (whose beaches I'd never visited), we pounced. I think we can all agree that finding couple friends can be pretty tough, and when it works, you hang on tight. A and J were kind enough to invite Eleanor to spend the weekend with us, too. Watching her big grin and tiny body on those long legs running free on the beach warmed my heart more than I should admit. Our Delaware weekend also featured one of my all-time favorite meals: a lobster BLT served with lobster creamed corn. Yeah, I said it. NOM. This getaway happened just when we needed it most, so I'd like to raise a virtual bloody mary to the couple we like even more after a weekend away with them - no small thing. Next up: foursome scotch tour of Scotland! (Which admittedly might take a while to come to fruition. We can dream, right?)

This weekend at home.

My parents spent last weekend in DC and true to form, we kicked some major butt under their direction. They planned two weekends with us this fall. The first was to be the "yard planning" weekend, and the second was the implementation weekend. Although we were technically supposed to be just planning last weekend, we did a heck of a lot of implementing, too. My mom's grand vision for the yard is slowly taking shape - it's about halfway done. We put down 23 bags of mulch, ripped out multiple ancient and sickly plants, found all manner of glass and trash buried in the yard, put in lots of new plants, and developed a concrete plan for the weekend of October 20, when we'll finalize it all. Yard stuff is so funny - I never prioritized having one or really caring much about the fact that for Capitol Hill, we actually have a big yard. Now that Eleanor's with us, though, I love that we can play fetch right at home and she can actually run up and down that side yard - all the better now that it's no longer covered with ivy. We love our walkable neighborhood and big local parks, but seeing this yard finally becoming an amenity rather than an afterthought is pretty spectacular. And it's all due to my parents, who rock. Big time.

Oh yeah, one other thing...

It's on.


  1. I just adore that picture of Eleanor. It made me laugh so hard. Also, I want to see more pictures of your yard please. I saw those pics on Instagram, and immediately thought "Damn, Maggie's backyard is HUGE!".

  2. Your backyard is awesome! I know Eleanor is loving it too!! I am about to find you on Insta!!

  3. Hey guys, thanks! You're actually seeing a bit of the front yard and the side yard in these pics - here's a little refresher: And yep, we still have the crazy blue "backyard" happening, although it's slowly rotting... That's on 2013's agenda.

  4. I had NO idea there were DIY dna kits for dogs. You just found my Christmas present! Thank you!

  5. Bad blogger? Hardly. Quality over quantity, my friend. I'm loving all the pictures of Eleanor. She is one cute pup! Your yard looks fantastic. Your parents are welcome to visit me and my neglected yard any time. Any chance they'd swing by Delaware and pick me up a lobster BLT too?

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you got your little Eleanor pupcake. She's so adorable and you can tell you're already horribly smitten and madly in love with her. Aren't pups the best?!

  7. Eleanor is so stinking cute! Your yard looks great and I am beyond excited for the NATS too :) I hope they keep it up!

  8. Loving the photos of that little Eleanor! Also, your backyard looks beautiful. I really need to hire your mom to make a plan for ours.

  9. Eleanor makes me smile. As does the thought of a lobster BLT!

    I'm so with you about yards; I never cared either until the dogs. Now, a top priority is whether there's enough room for a full-on game of catch with my labradors!

  10. Adorable dog!



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