Friday, October 12, 2012

Eleanor gets kissed... and ID'd

Did you know it was Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday yesterday? It was. [Please pause for a moment of silence to the late, great ER.]

As for our little Eleanor, she finds it pretty exhausting trying to live up to her namesake's greatness. Sleeping like a champ, retrieving frisbees and balls to her heart's content, bonding with her dog-walker, gearing up for puppy classes - pretty tiring stuff. Not to mention making out with Switters the cat... now that is exhausting. And on video! Please enjoy my excited whispers to T regarding my sneaky videotaping and my quick interference when things started getting a little too physical, which they tend to do with these two. (I already know you're going to ignore the laundry pile, so I won't even bother asking about that.)

In other big canine news, guess what we received this week? Eleanor's DNA report! It made us laugh. Turns out our four month old 13-pounder has a pretty good chance of staying small-ish. And while my big dog-loving heart is slightly crushed by that news, my Eleanor-loving heart doesn't care one bit. Here's our possible runt-for-life who's nearly all legs trying to look taller upon hearing the news.

To recap, when we adopted Eleanor we were told she was a lab/poodle mix. We definitely doubted that rather designer mix of breeds given her rough-and-tumble upbringing, and threw out the poodle possibility pretty quickly. Her rescuer was fairly certain her mother was a lab because of a pregnant lab in the area and the fact that many of Eleanor's littermates looked just like labs. Our girl looks nothing like a lab, but it seemed possible. As for the rest of her, guesses included schnauzer, terrier, and German wire-haired pointer.

Drumroll please...

Eleanor Roosevelt the Scruffy Squirt is...

1/2 purebred Miniature Poodle
1/2 mixed breed consisting primarily of Terrier and Boxer

So that's our girl! I really should've taken bets on this mystery. She's not going to be the biggest gal on the block, but she just might be the cutest. And that's all right with me.


  1. I love reading about Eleanor. She's wonderful!

  2. She has a model figure- all elegance and legs! Love the interspecies makeout sesh. She looks so big in pictures, then when you see her next to the cat, you realize how petite she truly is.

  3. She is definitely the cutest! The scruffiness kills me...I want to eat her up!

  4. I think she is the perfect size! I love a medium dog. I know you don't share my affection for cocker spaniels... but in general I like a dog that wouldnt remotely fit in a purse, and still fits in my lap. I like big dogs too, we've just never had one in our fam.

    Three cheers for Eleanor!

  5. I AM IN LOVE. she is just the cutest thing.

  6. She is truly adorable and the fact that you caught the make-out session gets mad props from your pals in Bmore!

  7. I happened upon your page when I did a search of miniature poodle boxer mix because that's what our dog's DNA results came back as. The similarities between our dogs is uncanny. Sharing because apparently there is validity to the test after all.

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