Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Right now there is a puppy asleep on my feet, a cat being spooned by the sleeping husband beside me, another cat on the windowsill pondering life's mysteries, and a wheezing computer trying its hardest not to die on me as I type. There's a body that doesn't feel at all like mine, but hasn't for months anyway, a brain that's crammed much too full of work to tell a proper story or be socially engaging, and deep fatigue. Eleanor just emitted one of those great deep puppy sighs, and girl, I am feeling you on that. Let's all sigh together.

I used to love the phrase "grace under pressure." I aspired to rise above whatever life threw at me in a series of triumphant Clairee Belcher moments featuring resplendent hair and heartwarming sass. My reality, however, is that I don't know how to properly blow out my own hair and I'm too tired for quick wit. My reality is that I'm working way too much in a high-pressure situation, that T and I will have one weekend alone in our house in two months' time, and that fertility medications continue to be someone's idea of a pretty crappy joke.

But. There is a Christmas tree! Our first tree together, believe it or not. It's twinkling downstairs amidst a messy living space, making stacks of mail and piles of shoes look almost charming in all its twinkly glory. A Christmas tree is like Instagram for your house, I swear. The tree's a good three feet shorter than my heart wants it to be and it happens to have many large holes that weren't quite apparent in the Eastern Market tree lot, but it's ours. What I'd love now is the time and quiet space inside my head to devote a night - or even an hour - to just looking at it and feeling peaceful. Is it possible to schedule feelings of peace and goodwill, or is that a stretch? I'm really looking for life Instagram, aren't I?

The list of things I wish I was better at right now is lengthy. Cooking. Housekeeping. Blogging. Seeing friends. Going to the movies. Reading. Making time for a haircut/facial/massage. Having energy. Any energy at all. Lately I'm good at working, medicating, and seeing family. Those are important things, but I miss the small stuff. I miss moments that don't need a filter. I know they're out there, somewhere. I'd just really like for them to make their way toward my Christmas stocking.*

*Not yet hung and currently in a pile on the mantel. But you get my drift.


  1. *Hugs*. I have a wheezy computer too. Twinkly lights make everything much more bearable!

  2. Yikes- I knew things weren't great when you hadn't posted in forever- take care of you!

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  4. This is resonating with me in so many ways. I feel your frustration and weariness and yearning for Life Instagram! Traveling to be with my family for Christmas is my light at the end of the tunnel right now. I hope you have one, too.

  5. i feel like i could have written this. i'm trying not to feel guilty about being so behind on so many things, and on top of that i feel bloated and oh so weary and oh yes, let's not forget stressed to the max.

    if face time soon still works, let's try to carve out a few hours of honest to good smiles and laughs. we can sit and watch a christmas movie with bourbsy ciders or something equally cozy to coax the goodness out of us.

    and in the meantime, hang in there. <3

  6. Hang in there and let me know we you are ready for a girl date.

  7. I think your tree was beautiful.


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