Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My black-tie guy

We only have one wedding this year. One! It was last weekend, and so much fun. Three words: Springsteen cover band.

Another big reason for the fun? My absolute favorite game: Ken doll! I love when T dresses up. There's a part of him that is a bit from another era, and nothing brings this out like formalwear. See also: inheriting his grandfather's collection of formalwear. (The same grandfather whose seersucker suit T wore on our wedding day.)

Exhibit A: Vintage mother-of-pearl studs:

Exhibit B: Dapper tuxedo shoes.

It can be hard for a gal to keep up with this guy. I try my best.

By the end of the night, though, I don't care what's around this guy's neck. To say my heart is full is a complete understatement.

[Final note: Staying in a fancy hotel in your own town just because? Highly recommended.]


  1. Whenever y'all are dressed up, your classic glamour just slays me. I love it!

  2. Y'all are just... UNREASONABLY PRETTY PEOPLE.

  3. Could you two be any sweeter? Or more good-looking for that matter? Too cute!!

  4. Gorgeous, happy, couple. I'm insanely envious of a night out, dressed up, with my husband, staying in a hotel. Sounds like a dream! We tried this for my 40th birthday - little serow, hotel in dupont in our old neighborhood. We both had the plague from Grossephine, slept through the entire night. At least we got some sleep!

  5. You people are TOO NICE!

    @Mary: That absolutely cracked me up.

  6. So classic. Love it! You two are too damn cute for words. Love this post. You look amazing, by the way. And WHY did I not have a Springsteen cover band at my wedding?!! WHY?!!


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