Monday, April 1, 2013

April (?), randomly

Spring. Spring! Or so we've been told.

It snowed last week. I wore tights to work today. I've been shivering for fires at night. But I'm choosing to believe that change is around the corner - arriving late like DC's cherry blossoms, but bound to arrive nonetheless. A warmup is needed around these parts, and stat. I did come home with an obscene amount of ranunculus recently to make things a little springier around here. Oh how I love these flowers.

Some random please-make-it-spring thoughts:
  • The Nationals are back! Today was the first home game and day game. Day games are tough for me because my office is across from the ballpark. Imagine me at noon, sitting in my tights and dress, looking wistfully out at the bustling sidewalks and filling stadium, a sea of red everywhere, wishing I had a beer in hand and sunshine on my face. Sigh. Maybe next time I can sneak away...

  • I figured I'd get a lot of "You don't get Good Friday off?" last Friday (we get nothing off... just nada), but what is up with how many people asked me if I really had to work on "Easter Monday" today? Is Easter Monday really a thing? When did this happen?

  • Veronica Mars is coming along nicely. We're about to finish Season 2, and the cameos keep coming! My recent fave was an episode featuring George Michael and Maeby Funke, not being George Michael and Maeby Funke.

  • Also, The Voice is back. This is The Voice!! Love this show, absolutely my biggest guilty pleasure on television. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do without Cee Lo this year. I'm always on Team Cee Lo. Shakira is the upgrade of the century from Christina, in my opinion. (And yours, I'm willing to bet.) (Seriously your loss if you have no idea what I'm talking about - everyone needs a good guilty pleasure show.)

  • We also finally watched Season 1 of Homeland, a million years late. I know this sounds like a lot of tv... remember that whole hermit thing I wrote about two posts ago? Television marathons are made for hermitdom. And reading a ton of books. Which I've also been doing ... so there. But back to Homeland. T has this longstanding hatred for Claire Danes stemming from her being an entitled biotch in college, so it took us forever to get on board with the show despite that fact that everyone and their mom told us we would love it. The fact that CD isn't meant to be likeable helps. And yes... we love the show just as much as you all said we would. Season 2 needs to get to Netflix asap.

  • There is no way to gracefully transition to this one... but Eleanor has a major thing for my underwear, and it's out of control. I've replaced at least ten pairs! And am now having to do laundry frequently enough so that the hamper lid can actually fit onto the container to keep her little paws out! The outrage! So gross.

So what's happening in your worlds this "spring?"


  1. I'm really happy to hear that there is some basis to my belief that CD is entitled. I, of course, am basing this on NO personal knowledge. I will just borrow yours. :)

    The dog/underwear obsession happened to me with one of our last dogs. I have no graceful advice on this except TRY to avoid allowing the dog to eat an entire pair. It's costly and gross. :)

  2. oh MY GOD. Anna too. I purchased an underwear bin, it zips. Also, she loves socks. Also we need to get together!

  3. Haha! Glad I'm not the only one with a dog addicted to underwear (and socks!). SO SO SO GROSS. But somehow it is nice to know I'm not alone!

  4. ugh, my dog does the same thing and it kind of makes my husband and i sick to our stomachs. fortunately, he cannot traverse the height of the hamper. it's only if i inadvertently toss them on the ground in a rush to get in the shower. i feel ya, it's gnarly. i will confess, that i am die-hard Target underwear fan, and fortunately, that makes them cheaper to replace.

  5. I watched Homeland rather late myself and am also waiting for Netflix to hurry up and get Season 2 already. Meanwhile, I'm watching Alias which I never watched on TV, but is totally addicting once you get into it. I also still haven't watched Season 5 of Mad Men. My guilty pleasure shows are all Bravo related-- Million Dollar Decorators, Its a Brad Brad World and The Rachel Zoe Project. So many Divas, I love it.

  6. I have lost so many pairs of underwear to my Emma. It's disheartening for the sheer cost of it, not to mention the gross factor. What really upset me though is when she went after a pair of pants. From then on, no clothing at all within snout's reach. At least I'm forced to be tidy... :/

  7. i think shakira and usher are both light-years better than those they replaced (sorry, i'm not a cee-lo fan). the new judges took a show i loved and elevated it to must see tv!

  8. Eleanor the Larger has not gone after my underwear; she does, however, attempt a little, uh, SNIFFING when I'm getting dressed in the morning. Is that too much information? Dogs are the grossest but very best creatures. I wish we could get those two (and us four) together! Someday. I see a Nats game in our future, too.

  9. I've been reading along, but haven't commented recently, so I am ashamed to be delurking to discuss dogs eating underwear. But, alas, I am. Kona has chewed through countless pairs of my underwear and seven years later, I still haven't learned my lesson. She has stopped tipping over the laundry basket, but she still will go to town if I get lazy and leave a pair lying around. So gross, but so hilarious that it seems to be a common dog thing.

    Homeland is amazing. Glad you're on board. Have you watched The Americans? This is our new favorite show. If you like Homeland, I think you'll like The Americans.

    I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I am really rooting for you guys and hope your time is here soon.

  10. VM was basically the best show ever. I do love The Voice, but only the audition episodes.


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