Monday, July 15, 2013

Halfway home

The last you saw from me was a look at the first trimester from my office bathroom:

This one brings us up to date... the beginning of the second trimester through today, 21 weeks (good lord that flourescent lighting brings out eye bags!):

I'm definitely getting bigger, but I'm also feeling awesome. The universe has been so kind to me with this pregnancy - except for bouts of fatigue, I've felt amazing the entire time. No nausea, ever. Not once. No crazy side effects, except for the introduction of a sweet tooth for the first time ever! (Me to my sister-in-law: "Is this how the rest of you normally feel about dessert?!") Luckily summer fruit substitutes pretty decently for most of those ice cream cravings. Nothing is really cramping my style too much. Maybe it's the epilogue of living such a medicated life the past year - wow it feels good not to be full of medication every day. Or maybe it's because I've been smiling so much, the rest falls away so I don't really notice it. I mean, how can I not smile at this?!

I'm over halfway there now, which is mind-blowing. I'm feeling her more and more, and T can feel her now, too. I've been able to stay as active as possible and I feel strong; I've gained eight pounds so far. I know so many people feel gross when pregnant - and I'm fully aware I still have plenty of time to start feeling that way too, but so far I feel... sort of hot? Is that possible with such a big belly? My body just seems to be really happy, and it hasn't felt this way in far too long.

When we lost our twin, I high-tailed it out of the OB's office and into a midwifery practice at the same hospital. It's a good fit for me and how I'd like our little one to come into the world. As much as science and interventions helped create our little one, as soon as she was real I felt strongly that my body knew what to do and could take it from there. More on that later, maybe - I don't want to offend any of you making different choices. Midwifery is right for me, but being a supporter of choice in all its forms, I'd never presume that it's the right fit for someone else.

As for the little one... she's most definitely a girl, which makes us so happy. My family hasn't had a girl in six years, and she'll be the first grandchild on T's side of the family. We've known her name for a couple of years, but we'll just call her Baby H for now. At our 20-week anatomy scan, she was still as active as ever - not one of our ultrasound photos is in focus because she was so busy stretching and showing off her moves. T is convinced we have an athlete taking after her dad in there; he's (adorably) hoping for a lacrosse player. Me? I like thinking about that vintage Nancy Drew hardback collection I have in my parents' attic, and the voracious reader and independent thinker she might be if she takes after her mom.

Bottom line? Life is so good these days, and we've never been happier.


  1. Least important aspect of this post BUT - you have a vintage nancy drew hardback collection!?! So do I. But don't tell my grandmother that. It lives at her house and she thinks it belongs to her but it's mine. And I love it. I spent every night at my grandmothers reading until the wee hours about Nancy, Bess, and George. She (ahem, ME) has almost the whole collection but we're always on the lookout for the really old editions with the blue paper interior covers. okay, enough about Nancy Drew. Let's talk about how gorgeous you are pregnant! A baby sure looks good on you. I'm so happy you're feeling well! Love hearing about Baby H!

  2. I've followed your blog and your story for a while now. Congratulations on your pregnancy and little girl to be! I love reading this post that exudes so much happiness!

  3. Congrats, you're looking fantastic!

  4. I am so glad that pregnancy has been wonderful for you! After everything you've been through, you deserve it! I absolutely loved being pregnant too. No nausea, just happiness. Maybe because we both wanted it so badly? I don't know, but pregnancy looks GOOD on you! I love the bump shots.

  5. You are an adorable prego- and so stylish!

  6. My Nancy Drew hardback collection was passed down to me by my aunts, and in turn I passed it along to one of my younger female cousins. That dress in week 12 is the cutest. And I'd say the dress in Week 18 is definitely you feeling hot and rockin it. :-)

  7. You feel hot, because you look HOT! Love that bump and Baby Girl H!

  8. You're a gorgeous mama-to-be and I just couldn't be happier for you!

  9. Oh I am just BEAMING reading all of this. Seriously. I have been big time behind on blog reading, but caught up tonight, and oh Maggie. I am just SO happy for you and this journey! And are hot!! That's totally something you can say when you look as great as you do!!


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