Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The downside to homeownership

Oof. We're in a homeowner tight spot right now.
  • Last week: Planned construction, plus planned expense of installing Elfa in the master closet. Expensive stuff, but at least planned.
  • Last weekend: Completely unexpected purchase of a new washing machine
  • This week: Completely unexpected (and unexpectedly large) AC repair bill
I suppose these things usually do happen in threes, don't they? Feel free to agree with me so I don't walk around in fear of house expense #4 hitting me in the face soon. Ouch.

My parents are coming this weekend to check in on the belly and help us move some furniture. We're officially christening the current guest bedroom as the nursery and turning the current office into the guest room. Now that I only work from home on Fridays, I don't really need a full-time home office. Maybe someday in the fantasy world where we live on the beach full-time and telecommute, but not now. I had a good run with this office, though.

Over at work, I'm finally getting an office with a door I can shut (hallelulah!), so I think my fun Amtrak print might have to make the move with me. Maybe I'll even toss in some wedding pomanders to jazz things up a bit.

My six-year old niece Taylor is coming up with my parents for her first trip to DC. Taylor told her mom that she'd only be happy to get a new cousin if it was a girl - "No more boys, Mom!" I'm so happy that our pregnancy is Taylor-endorsed.

Speaking of Taylor... holy CUTE flashback from almost exactly four years ago!


  1. Oh man, I feel our washing machine going. It's only two years old. Maybe that's still under warranty? That piece of shit.

    I'm sorry. How's your AC now? All better?!

  2. Girl, you will need that door soon for sure. Ahhh, the joys of office pumping.

    These things totally come in threes. Don't you feel like such an adult? Sigh.


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