Monday, June 9, 2014

This and that

Because I posted about cute office clothes last week, allow me to introduce some other occasional workwear:

So hot, right?

The past two weeks have been nuts at work. And then Friday came, and by day's end I was breathing fresh air again. Noisy, crazy construction-site air, but it was glorious.

We caught up on some much-needed sleep this weekend. My work stress has been coinciding with Miss H's refusal to sleep anywhere but our bed, but this weekend she decided that maaaaaaaaybe her crib was sort of cool after all. I mean, duh! Our little droolface (thanks top two teeth!) has been so tired that it was great to see her get the kind of rest I know she needs. And wow did we need it too. (PS this photo makes me want to hug her through the screen.)

We toured an open house this weekend that has our wheels turning in a major way regarding future renovations. These would be future future renovations, not even on the current horizon, but they'd be major, and I'm sort of excited thinking about them. I love conspiring about house projects with T - we're pretty good at conspiring together. In the meantime, we're finally tearing down our crazy backyard next month! More on that and some garden prettiness soon.

The most important element of the weekend though? Without a doubt, using the stroller to its fullest potential.


  1. At least you don't have to wear steel toed boots, that's when it really goes to ugly town. Especially with skinny jeans. ;)

  2. Well she sure is a cutie. Love the hard hat;).


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