Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The perfect summer work dress, on sale

The title says it all. I have this dress in two patterns (Blues Garden Flowers and Dark Turquoise Stamp Geo) and every single time I wear it I get kudos. So cute and flattering! So practical (pockets)! So easy (won't wrinkle)! So cool (breathable fabric)! So "did she or did she not have a baby eight months ago." (In my daydreams, at least.)

It's called the "Casual Weekend Dress," which is a misnomer. Perhaps in Boden-land, ladies are frolicking at the dog park in this number, but to me this is an office dress. Fair warning: I do have to be conscious of cleavage wearing it (no leaning over the conference table during meetings), but I think as long as you're average-sized and/or not lactating, you won't have that issue.

Anyway, it's on sale - and I actually bought my second with a (since expired) additional percentage off coupon, so google away! These dresses are all I'm packing for my upcoming work trip to hothothot Tucson (one week from today - gulp).

That concludes today's PSA. Although on second thought, I might need some solid colors, too...


  1. Hi! Been coveting this dress (and let's be honest, the rest of the Boden catalog) for a while now. Can you give an idea of how TTS their stuff is? Thanks!

    1. Hi Joy! I'd say it's pretty TTS for dresses. I fluctuate between two sizes these days and the smaller of the two sizes was the most flattering. Hope that helps!

  2. Love the dress and love the blog update! So happy and you!

  3. I've been reading but haven't commented - here goes; 1st of all - LOVE the new blog makeover. 2nd of all - this dress is beautiful!

  4. I impulse-ordered this dress (in the turquoise stamp pattern) after your glowing recommendation, and I LOVE it! First time orderer, long-time coveter of Boden. I will absolutely wear it all. the. time. Thanks, Maggie!


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