Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time for some pretty

Work is stressful. Flowers are pretty. Enough said. Here's what's been growing for me lately in my front yard:

If you are a female who logs into any social media account in April or May, you know that spring is all about the peonies. They're so fickle and fleeting, but absolutely worth obsessing over. My first peony bush popped before we left for vacation - this color is ridiculous in person. Can I get a gown made out of this, stat? (And also an excuse to wear one?)

I knew a bunch of our bushes were going to pop while we were away on vacation, and sure enough, I missed the peak bloom for our most unusual variety. Here's what was left of these ladies upon our return.

Our white peonies were in bloom when we returned, too. Pretty pretty. And huge!

The showstoppers - and longest-lasting blooms - this year were definitely the light pink pretties.

Next up, heading into June - roses! I didn't used to be a rose person, to be honest. Valentine's Day red roses never did it for me, and I lumped them all together in my head. But discovering garden roses and double-bloom varieties that look more like peonies than lame holiday bouquets changed my opinion. These roses are o-l-d - who knows how long they've lived at our house. Even though they're not my favorite kind of rose, I feel loyal to them because of their history. It felt wrong to get rid of them, so instead we split them and moved them last year. Blooming against the house now, they do look nice - even if I wouldn't pick them out of a catalog.

I bought a new yellow rose at the beginning of the season with my mom - I've been wanting more yellow and these beauties did wonderfully until the scorching hot temps came. I'm hoping for even more blooms next year. LOVE these gals!

My biggest garden acquisition this year was a David Austin rose (two of them, in fact). Meet the Crown Princess Margareta. Her color completely stopped me in my tracks. I'm getting new blossoms even this week in July heat, so I think they're happy in their new home so far, although the plants themselves are still small. I planted them near our front fence, with hopes that they'd eventually hang over the sidewalk and greet pedestrians. Here's hoping next year these lovelies go wild. The color and tissue centers totally do it for me.

My hydrangeas, which line the side yard path start to finish (11 bushes total!), aren't doing as well this year - I think the long, bitter cold winter did a number on them. Hopefully I'm wrong and we'll come home after the 4th to find them going gangbusters - they're already really late, though. We shall see!

What's growing in your yard right now?


  1. Roses, crepe myrtles, butterfly bush. What blew my mind this year was realizing that people around here have protea growing in their yards. Its so cool in person. I'd only ever seen protea at the florist.

  2. Just some knockout roses planted by the previous owner and the crepe myrtles are thinking about blooming. I have a black thumb but would love to learn to garden (in all my spare time). Priority number one is figuring out how to keep my gardenia bush alive until next season.

    Your garden is gorgeous. The peonies are breathtaking!

    1. I've given up on gardenias - I think I've gone through three separate plants and they just don't like my yard. It's sad because that smell is my FAVORITE!

  3. California doesn't do peonies:). So right now it's roses in second bloom, lavender going crazy, plumbago, and lacecap hydrangeas. By August everything will be dog-eared and dusty. April, however, was glorious.

  4. Gorgeous garden! I wonder how peonies would do on the hot southern coast? I've heard they can sometimes take a few seasons to bloom, but are they otherwise hard to keep alive? Our hydrangeas bloom but I can't figure out how to make them GROW! Some of our neighbors bushes are huge.


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