Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guest Room Complete! (ish)

At some point you just have to call it a day and take the damn pictures, right? Our guest room is "done." And by that I mean I still need to switch out the ceiling fan from the 1980s, I don't love the chair pillow, and the curtain brackets needs to be re-installed wider, butbutbut... perfect is overrated. The way life is going, I'm just thrilled that I managed to repaint. This room is truly a breath of fresh air compared to the mishmash it was before, so I'm moving on from perfect and calling this a complete success! Here's our updated guest room, pulled together from lots of existing items and freshened up by springy green.

Wall Paint - Benjamin Moore Classic Gray
Bookcase Paint - Benjamin Moore Acadia Green
Curtains - Waverly One Wish fabric in Mint Julep
Bedding - Old West Elm with new Anthropologie throw pillow
Art, books, and accents - Stuff we already had
Rug - Shades of Light
Lamp - Ballard Design
Throw - Brahms Mount
Mirror - Hayneedle
Furniture - Existing stuff


  1. I love it! Waking up in that bed and perusing those bookshelves with a cup of coffee - heaven! Should you need a guest to give it a test run, I'm available. ;)

  2. It looks wonderful! Green is my favorite color, and I love how you painted the bookshelves. We have a few bookshelf walls in our home, but I struggle with "styling" them. (They really just hold books!) Might need to paint mine for a little extra flair. :)

  3. Oh I love it!! Our guest room is quite dull and this has me itching to fix it up! I especially love all your bookshelves!


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