Thursday, May 1, 2014

Guest Room Redux

Last time I shared our back bedroom here, it was a home office.

But then my company opened a DC office, so I didn't need a dedicated space at home anymore. And then our guest room turned into a nursery (the big reveal coming soon, promise!), so we needed the old office to become a new guest room. The last several months have featured the same décor from the old office with the guest bed thrown into it. Not very cohesive and not very homey.

It's occurred to me walking around our home that as much as I love the color green, it's not really featured very much in our house. I decided that the revamped guest room would be the perfect place to remedy that - I'm going for fresh green and white with pops of blue, very outdoors-in. My inspiration started with Waverly's "One Wish" fabric in Mint Julep - I used it for curtains, and the print is just the vibe I wanted. (Note: The green is much lighter in person than is this image! I wasn't prepared when the curtains arrived, but quickly adjusted the greens in my plans.)

I'm putting the room together now - almost done repainting and maybe halfway there with other elements. I'm trying to use what I already own as much as possible, so I'm repurposing existing bedding, furniture, and art - really just shopping for new accent pieces. I've been collecting ideas on a Pinterest board if you want to take a peek at where I'm headed.

Hazel had some fun this weekend while we were painting (luckily the same gray paint from the old guest room works great in here - I love using what I already have!). Here's our cutie hamming it up during the paint session with a sneak peek of the curtains. (Also, remind me never to sell our house unless we're moving into one with the same great natural light, okay?)

I'll be back next month (fingers crossed!) with the finished product.


  1. Ooh lala! I can't wait. I love seeing other people's space and their decor choices. Hazel is so adorable. I want to squeeze her.

  2. How's about just never move period? That house is too wonderful. I want to know more about the fabric (bedding? rug?) with the yellow, tassel, please.

    Hazel, as always, is perfection.

  3. You are a blogging machine! Can't wait to see the room.

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