Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

Three little tidbits that got my attention this week:

Punjabi Jingle Bells

Thanks to one of my fab sisters-in-law, this little video completely brightened up my stressful workday yesterday. I only like Christmas carols if it's the week of Christmas and my mom is in the room, but I might have played this video about ten times yesterday. Allegedly.

Pompeii Ruins on Google Streetview

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Pompeii. It was my history project of choice for several years running. An entire town trapped in time... my ten-year-old brain boggled at the thought of it. It still does - I would love to visit the ruins someday. And now, thanks to modern technology, I can take the trip virtually! Check it out here. It's kind of a major time-waster, you are warned. (But so educational!) Nerd. Alert.

The Story of Stuff

I know that The Story of Stuff isn't new and has already made headlines, but it's the first time I'm featuring it here. And really, what better time than the holidays to think about how much stuff we all have? For me, mindless consumerism is something I have to constantly keep in check. As naturally as being a conscious food shopper/eater comes to me, that new pair of shoes or yet another cardigan is another battle entirely. So tempting, but Just. Not. Necessary. This is a good time of year for me to see this again, and maybe for you, too.


  1. The Story of Stuff is excellent. We're hoping to interview Annie Leonard for an episode of Conversations from Penn State ( Thanks for reminding everyone to take inventory of how much stuff they have and determine what they really need!

  2. Punjabi Jingle bells, hilarious. Love those Bollywood numbers. As a follow up to The Story of Stuff I recommend Manufactured Landscapes, a documentary of artist Edward Burtynsky's photographs of large scale manufacturing and waste sites around the world.

  3. Ahh, thank you for Punjabi Jingle Bells! Having "one of those days", and this certainly lifted my spirits. Though, it also made me crave a hot plate of chana masala. ;)
    Hope all is well with you!


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