Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tree(less) trimming

I love decorating for the holidays, and never want to take everything down after New Year's. We didn't have a tree this year, since we weren't sure what our travel and um, living plans were going to be, but we still made the most of the season around our place. Take a peek:


And my favorite, the boys on Christmas Eve:

On Christmas morning we flew out to North Carolina. That'll be the next installment. :-)


  1. Love the decor! I'm sporting glass vases filled with ornaments as well.

    I can't wait to hear about NC- I'm sure your x-mas there was far more delightful than my 1st with the in-laws in Asheville. Lots of talk about Obama daring to go to Hawaii and waste our money flying on Air Force One. Oh, and how thank goodness my 6 year old nephew only breathes sports, because it would be terrible if he was "artsy". AND the biggest affront of all- store bought everything and CANNED green beans (made by my husband) touted as God's gift to mankind (other than baby Jesus, obviously).

    Sorry for the vent, obviously I still have a bit of pent up rage.

  2. JUST WAIT until you can add our fabulous New Year card.

  3. Love your decor! We didn't decorate much for similar reasons - traveling and we are in the process of moving!


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