Monday, July 26, 2010

Not my day

I'm pitiful on the couch today with a chest cold. Oh, and my checking account is frozen because someone that wasn't me purchased $700 worth of sparkles at Tiffany with my debit card. Also, I just tried to make toast and saw flames inside the toaster oven. And then the fire alarms wouldn't stop going off. So... it's not really my kinda day so far. Rather than listening to me whine, please enjoy these photos I took of a visitor in my garden. He's pretty cool, huh? Can any bug experts out there tell me more about this creature?


  1. That's a big-ass grasshopper, yo! (Obvs, that is it's official name - ) Looks like the ones that used to populate the horse pastures at my god mother's ranch! Does he fly? If yes, he might also sting - so admire from afar!

  2. Good grief, that thing is huge! And kind of terrifyingly cool.

    Also, I apparently need to be more aware that people can steal your debit card info just as easily as they can a credit card. I honestly had no idea.

    Good news, though: your week can only go up from here!

  3. Kate: I thought grasshoppers were only green?!

    Annie: fair point!

  4. And that bug might give me nightmares. Especially since it exists within 10 miles of me. Hope your day gets better!

  5. Feel better!

    We have those all over - they are grasshoppers and come in all colors: yellow, brown, green.

  6. It's a grasshopper for sure...and he will eat your you may want to escort him elsewhere...and get yourself some Seven Dust or something. Two years ago my parents land was invaded with grasshoppers and they ate EVERYTHING!

  7. Grasshoppers come in all kinds of colors. In florida they have huge horrifying ones that are brownish black. Sorry you're not feeling well, and boo for ID theft.

  8. YUCK! I have had a cold too, and have been having a giant pity party for myself all week. Sumemr colds are wretched and should be illegal.

    As should that grasshopper! You definitely need to relocate him ASAP, unless you want a decimated garden.

    I'm sorry about the identity theft- too bad you can't get the blue box baubles as compensation for pain and suffering.

  9. Grasshopper. So cool. HUGE.

    Oh man - debit card thing happened to me just before we moved last year. So terrible - you should be able to get your money back, though. Make sure you put a fraud alert on your credit profile. You can go through one of the three (Experian is the one I remember) and they will typically tell the other two. It's free and worth the two seconds it takes.

  10. Your dahlias are looking lovely so hopefully the grasshopper gigantus won't devour them with his powerful jaw!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Eeeeekkk! I hope you took that photo using zoom! If that thing jumped on me I think I'd have a heart attack! I am not a fan of bugs. I've been boycotting our patio for two days because of a very large spider that got away while hubs was trying to kill it.

    Hope the grasshopper relocates & doesn't eat your gorgeous garden.

    Feel better soon!

  12. Wow! What a cool photo.
    I hope you feel better and that you get the $700 back without a hitch.

  13. Sorry you're having a bad day M! I hope you feel better soon!

    p.s. I'm totally amazed that grasshopper managed to get all the way up to your balcony!

  14. good gracious girl. you have a freakin' t-rex living on your back porch. scary!

    hope you're day has turned around some!

    how do you think that thing got on your balcony?!? think it jumped... ;)

  15. Damn that is a bad day. Hope it improves or tomorrow doesn't suck too.
    Someone bought sparklies at Tiffany's and didn't share with you. Bad person!


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