Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Who's excited for the long weekend?! I am sooooo thankful over here. We'll be spending the weekend with all sorts of friends and fantastic couples, so! I leave you with this:

Balloons for Nole!

My friend Nole is doing something amazing today, and I couldn't be happier for her. Join me in being jealous, thrilled, and proud as she waves goodbye to her office of eight years and plunges into the world of doing what she loves full time: making the world a prettier, paper-ier place! Sending you love today, Nole ... hugs to come soon under a firework-filled sky!  (image source)

Old Friends in The House

My oldest pal Allie and her husband are staying with us this weekend, and I'm so excited to spend a few days with the gal who saw me through our fifth grade fortune-telling business, dramatic teenage beach weeks, New England college weekends, and so much more. This clip's for you, Allie, because we plain wore it out back in the day. One more thing: "Y'all is the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen!"

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is back!

Months ago I waxed poetic about my main man Isaiah Mustafa, and this week he triumphantly returned to the hearts of women everywhere with "Questions." The log, the kitchen, the motorcycle... yes please!

Have a fantastic long weekend, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I love Shag (ignoring all of the blatant confederate flag references)!

    Now I'm all homesick...

    Happy Fourth of July!


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