Monday, July 12, 2010

The 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' Trifecta

I am a tired worker bee today, on deadline and recovering from a fun weekend. Also, I'm still rather tense from a train ride back to DC surrounded by the most annoying people in the world (yes, they were that bad). So in an attempt to propel myself out of something worse than a normal Monday funk, let's watch videos that make me feel like the world is a funny place where there are not screaming children and whining passengers and rude people and ineffective caregivers who make me want to throw my bag at them. Alrighty then.

A disclaimer: It is possible that no one will find this nearly as hilarious as I do. Likely, even. Here's how it happened: one night a couple of months ago, T and I found ourselves in complete stitches over a collection of videos that we watched repeatedly, for hours. (It was a slow night.) Then last week when T's sister was over, we found ourselves playing them again, for her. Repeatedly. And they were still as funny. So now, because you all have to sit by while I try to improve my mood, I've decided to share The 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' Trifecta, in the exact order that makes us cry with happiness over here in M&T land.

1. First up, we have William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun. It's worth noting that T has a huge man-crush on Shatner for his panache in general and his collection of impeccably-tailored suits in particular. No one delivers "Turn around, bright eyes!" quite like this man (or falsettoes quite like Chun).

2. Next up is The Dan Band, everyone's favorite family-friendly wedding singer, as seen in "Old School" and "The Hangover." This just kills me. The emotional intensity, the backup-singer sport coats... tremendous.

3. And last but certainly least, the original Bonnie Tyler video. This video is ... well... you just have to watch it for yourself. I dare you not to imagine Mary Kay Letourneau in the starring role. It actually gets more and more uncomfortable (which means AMAZING!) as the video progresses.

If I have improved anyone's Monday with this trifecta, my work here is done.

UPDATE: Something amazing just happened. Reader Man vs. George sent me this video, and it is genius. Genius! Please enjoy.


  1. Fantastic way to start the week! If you need a 4th "Total Eclipse" fix, check out the Literal Video version on YouTube:

    It makes me weep with laughter -- weep, I say!

  2. Man v. George: My day is made! This is incredible. And there's an entire Literal Video catalog to peruse? Monday is now a good day. Officially.

    I'm updating the post with this bit of genius.

  3. I was just about to ask you if you'd seen the literal version. There are some other HILARIOUS literal versions out there (Pat Benatar "Love is a Battlefield" anyone?). LOVE

  4. OH CRAP! MM and Man vs. George beat me to the Literal Version... which literally (ha!) makes me tinkle a little bit every time I watch it!

  5. We sang this in high school show choir. Complete with ridiculous dance moves and hot pink sequins. Awesome.

  6. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and my tummy hurts! Literal video, there are... no.words.


  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to see these this morning! So damn funny!


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