Monday, September 20, 2010

H Street Festival

We had such a fun weekend exploring our city, running errands, and relaxing. On Saturday afternoon we popped over to the H Street Festival and had a blast people-watching, slurping on ginger lassipops, and taking in the scene. H Street is a future streetcar corridor, which is tremendously exciting to me professionally, but also personally, because I can't wait to see what a difference streetcar will make in the neighborhood in years to come. As for now, there are so many more spots to explore over there... and so many more Open Houses to stalk.

Some shots from our gorgeous afternoon on H Street:

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  1. Wow, so surprised to see pics of H st! This summer, my bf did an internship in DC and he lived less than a block away from Souk and the water ice stand! The feel I got from your pictures and the festival is a little different from the day-to-day atmosphere on the street when I was there this summer, but I am excited to see what the streetcar can do for that neighborhood! [We might be returning for good next summer!]


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