Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preggo Police update

A few of you have e-mailed to ask how my sister's doing, which is incredibly sweet of you. The short story is that she's fine for now and trying her hardest to convince the baby to keep chilling out for seven more weeks. The long story is, well... that's hers to tell, not mine. We had a fun long weekend at home, though, which is fairly remarkable given that the weekend featured two hospital trips and liberal use of phrases like "mucus plug." But hey, we know how to laugh. Plus, this little man more than warrants a trip down whenever we're needed. How cute is he in his dragon hat?

I wish I'd gotten a picture of my sister, who is all belly right now and super-adorable, but she was too busy staying seated in this the whole weekend to provide much in the way of photo material:

It was a funny weekend. Take Friday, for instance, where I spent all day cooking with my sis and her husband (Lisa staying properly seated, of course) only to have one of our mini-emergencies happen right before all the guests arrived for dinner - including T straight from the airport and my parents who were due to leave for a vacation that was purposely scheduled well before their latest grandchild was supposed to be born. But the show must go on! With straight faces, we proceeded to indulge in a Greek feast and pretend everything was fine! Our bravado was pretty transparent, but Lisa wanted to stay put at least until we had dessert, her brainchild: baklava served with honey ice cream. Our, errrr, mucus emergencies prevented a full freeze of the ice cream in time for dessert, but by the next day it was frozen solid and pretty ridiculously delicious, I must say. If you're looking for some honey goodness, go visit that link.

Here's Aunt M and Uncle T keeping the little man busy while his parents were off taking care off their next little man, who we reallyreallyreallyreally hope will decide to stay put for a while.

Just too cute.


  1. Oh dear. That child makes my uterus hurt! Thinking lots of sparkly, incubative thoughts towards Lisa!

  2. Um, Maggie- I think I'm ready for you and T to pop out some kids. Seeing those pics really solidifies it for me- I'm ready to see some Maggie munchkins.

    Just so you know. . .

    Thinking of your sis- that all sounds a bit terrifying. Or maybe I just have fear of mucus?

  3. That sweet face in the dragon hat kills me. So adorable! Hope baby brother decides to stay put for the next seven weeks!

  4. Way too cute. Best wishes for your sister and next nephew.

  5. Hoping baby brother stays right where he needs to be!

  6. I started hyperventilating at the sight of the term mucus plug, and Lisa actually sat down and ate? Much braver than I, for sure. Here's hoping the baby camps out for a bit more.

  7. Wow, Mags - thanks so much for sharing! I thought it was bad enough that Trevor had to hear all about it! Sorry you all had to read such ickiness! Thank you all for the kind wishes and thank you, Mags, for being such an awesome sis and aunt!!! Love you guys!


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