Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog-to-mouth-to-tummy improvement

So I have recipes here. And unless my blog stats are lying, you all like them. It has occurred to me, however, that these recipes are not always so easy to find. Making food harder... boo. Making food easier... yay!

Today I have a new feature for you on the blog, and it came about the best way possible... from my own frustration trying to quickly access my featured recipes. These moments would usually happen when, say, garlic was starting to burn on the stove and I couldn't remember exactly how much of the next ingredient I needed. "Ahhhh! Where is that damn recipe?!" (cue burned garlic)

Sometimes my mise en place needs work, what can I say?

Up on my nav bar, you'll see a new section titled "Recipes." This is a new page where I've indexed my posts featuring full-length recipes. Two easy clicks, and you can find what you're looking for. For recipes I've mentioned but didn't fully feature, you'll still want to use the Search engine, browse the My Freckled Kitchen tags, or peek into my Delicious folder, where I routinely tag the recipes I'm making that come from online sources. The Delicious folder actually exists for my own kitchen-referencing purposes just as much as it's a blog device.

Please enjoy... and let me know if this is a useful improvement. Actually, it will improve my cooking, so that's probably enough for me. Again with the selfishness.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to prepare the spice rub for Spice Chicken, after quickly referencing the handily indexed recipe... because you know I can never remember the exact amounts of coriander v. cumin I need. And my arms are so sore from Jillian-induced real estate stress relief that I don't even want to lift Gourmet Today. (Ooh, now combining laziness with selfishness!)

Happy cooking, everyone! I wish I could smell what's bubbling in all your kitchens tonight.


  1. Easy-to-locate gems from the Freckled Kitchen? Oh, you know I love this new feature. As for what's cooking in my kitchen tonight, it's going to be a simple pasta dish since Nick is out of town this week. Or you could just send some Spice Chicken to my doorstep.

  2. Well yay. And tonight? Pork Adobo. One of the world's great braising sauces:).

  3. Awesome! Maggie recipes at the touch of a button? Yes, please!

  4. YES! This is excellent news for me who had to bookmark your orzo pasta salad last year b/c I kept losing it in my Gmail!


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