Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Okay then! That was therapeutic.

We're off to Connecticut to party down with the in-laws, take in a little college hockey, and forget our troubles. On that note, here are my three finds for the week. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Zach Wahls, Model Citizen, Making his Mommas Proud

Watch this video of Eagle Scout engineering student Zach Wahl proudly telling the Iowa State Legislature about his two mothers, and just try not to tear up or cheer. Just try. Found here.

Cat-Scratch Sofa, Yours for $6,500

There's so much that I love about Anthropologie. One peek into my closet proves that through and through. But this sofa? This sofa is everything that can go wrong, oh so very wrong, over at Anthro. If I wanted to spend $6,500 on a sofa, I can assure you it would not look like it had been trapped with a herd of hungry, wild cats. Further, if there is anyone out there who would choose this sofa out of all the sofas in the world that cost $6,500, I would like to meet that person. And then shake that person silly.

Founding Fathers: "Super-freaked out by cars"

I have little patience for self-righteous proclamations of what the founding fathers would have wanted. Particularly because the application is typically something so modern that the presumption is impossible. Seth Meyers nails that sentiment here. And for the record? I'll sign on to his musket gun law any day. Found here.


  1. I LOVE that John Wahls video! I found it earlier today and posted it to my facebook and emailed it to everybody I know. What a fantastic speaker, what a cool kid, what an great cause. Thanks for posting and spreading the word.

  2. god bless seth meyers. (also, zach wahls totally got me all teared up. what an impressive kid!)


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