Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Oh, weddings. The bride and room were ecstatic, the crowd was there to party, the conversation was charged, and the booze was flowing (no really: my favorite scene of the evening was the friar in full robes holding a case of beer at 2 a.m.)... What more does one need, right?

One tiny little other thing, in my case: drama-free interactions with my ex-boyfriend. I know, I neglected to mention that this wedding was kind of a big deal personally. But it was. And it was fine. Thank goodness. My head knew it would be okay, and our last interaction was normal, but it's still tough not to be nervous in that situation. By night's end, there were the four of us laughing over drinks in the back corner of the after-party: me, T, him, and his wife. Two couples. The right configuration of partners. Everyone happy in their decisions, comfortable in their own skin. And that deserves a toast in its own right, doesn't it? (Oh I toasted it, all right. Repeatedly.)

And so Sunday, in between crashing head pains on the way home, the breaths I took were deep ones, full of relief. And they felt good.

So since I'm sounding pretty adult right now, why don't I give you a peek at what our dining room floor looks like?

Those are our kitchen floor planks, stacked up and ready to go. Installation begins tonight.

Hold me.


C'mon, make my day...

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