Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indigo moments

You know those moments when you catch yourself having a moment? I love when that happens.

Sometimes it happens to me at concerts, on one of those nights when the band is so good and the venue is so small/cool/unique/whathaveyou, that you know it's a show you'll always talk about.

Sometimes it happens to me at the beach, when I'm staring out at the sea and breathing in the salt and thinking, whether it be August or January, this is the place I'm supposed to be.

Sometimes it happens to me with T, or with my family, or with my girlfriends, and their particular combination of humor and character in the exact moment that they do something I love makes me realize all over again how lucky I am.

And sometimes I catch myself in a moment where I realize, this is me at my girliest. I realized yesterday, driving up to Pennsylvania to work for a couple of days, that I was in the middle of a pure Maggie girl moment. It's never shopping, never getting nails done, never anything like that. Here's the essence of estrogen for me: driving fast in a car, blasting the Indigo Girls, and squawking to my heart's content, with no one to hear me. Damn I love those ladies. They always make me wish I could sing. They've been there for falling in love and falling out of love, for new friends and old ones, and for any kind of mood I can muster.

My apologies to the Pennsylvania Turnpike toll collector and all passing vehicles... but wow did I need that moment yesterday.


  1. This is EXACTLY the way I feel about the Indigo Girls. :)

  2. Man, I love the Indigo Girls SO much. They are so stinkin talented!


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