Friday, June 24, 2011

There's got to be a better title than "Random"

So, ummm... this week flew by. Oops.

Work is busy. Life is busy. We are kicking tail around the house every night, but not in the barely-functioning stressful way we were before. Instead we're staying calm and making incremental progress. It's good. Next week I'll try to take photos. It's really feeling like a home around here, which for me is all about having things on the wall to smile down at me.

We're off to New York for a wedding tomorrow. I get to pit-stop in the city, then spend Friday night at my pal Amy's glass house in the woods of Westchester, then we head up to Poughkeepsie for the wedding Saturday. I've never been to Poughkeepsie. I would ask for tips on what to see and do, but we won't even be there 24 hours, so I'll focus instead on how to magically create a fantastic updo myself, in a hotel room, with minimal supplies, that will hold throughout the wedding and photograph wonderfully.

Here's are some odds and ends for ya. Not much, but it's all I've got:

File this under: Incredibly Annoying. I've been battling my achilles tendon for five weeks now. I tried nursing it for a while, but it became so painful that I had to stop working out for two weeks. I eased back in slowly, but it's still not ready for high impact activity - even with this sexy brace that T bought me. I've been limiting myself to weight-based workouts and floor moves, but the thing is so tender it'll flare up on me walking home from the Metro or over to the park. Not fun at all... and not exactly helping the beach-season cause. Has anyone ever dealt with achilles tendonitis? The pain is something fierce... just entirely different from any other sort of injury I've ever had.

Oops. I didn't mean to buy all this product. But you know, it happens. Much like having a wedding enabled me to justify all sorts of random not-exactly-wedding-related purchases, attending a wedding suddenly renders shimmery Black Jade eyeliner a life-or-death necessity. There is no logic, only consumer lust. The shadows (Lilium) are from Chanel's summer collection and are truly gorgeous, but a certain someone I know picked up the showstopper from the collection during our spree: the gorgeous yellow nail polish Mimosa, apparently this summer's "it" color, and also apparently life-changing. Nole will have to report back to us on that one.

I'm wearing these patent nude pumps to the wedding, and it occurs to me that we should pause for a moment to celebrate the nude pump. I swear they make legs look a mile longer. Magic shoes, they are. I'll need a little magic to distract from the wreckage of Sunday's mosquito massacre, so let's hope these do the trick. I'm wearing them with the emerald green dress from T's birthday dinner last year. I was going to wear this fun dress, but then discovered that the wedding is more formal than I originally thought. And really, I'm dying to wear emerald again. Paired with green-hued eyeliner, of course.

But to the important thing: this couple who's tying the knot in front of us all. I'm so thrilled for them and the way they make each other happy. I've known the groom through some big highs and lows for us both, and seeing him snag this incredibly amazing woman is probably going to make me cry. But in a ridiculously happy way. Better pack my waterproof mascara.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. I've never had achilles tendinitis, but I am currently battling plantar fasciitis, which is related to the achilles tendon-- just an inflammation a tad bit further down the kinetic chain. Anyway, I am MISERABLE. More from the lack of exercise and inability to wear anything but lace up athletic shoes in this summer weather. I've heard stretching can do wonders for both of our conditions. I'm also icing religiously and taking fish oil for inflammation. I *think* I'm seeing gradual improvement. My podiatrist also recommended taping. I bought KT tape and there were instructions for taping for achilles tendonitis.

  2. This may sound crazy, but I strained my achilles a few months back and the doctor gave me the option to either wear heels or a medical boot with an achilles wedge for two weeks.

    After I strained it, I wore flats thinking heels would make it worse and she said it's the exact opposite. Because flats put more pressure on the achilles which doesn't allow it to heal. Literally, the only time I didn't have heels on was when I was sleeping or in the shower and it worked!

    Luckily those nude pumps will go with just about anything- love them!

  3. If I had any reason at all to buy those nude pumps I would do it. Have a wonderful time at the wedding, and good luck with the tendonitis. Those things do tend to linger, and then kind of heal all at once.

  4. oohhh so sorry about your achilles tendon! but you have pretty ankles! does that make you feel any better? ;-)

    i just loaded up on some new chanel makeup, too. i'm loving it so far.

    and i love that nude pump. mind sharing who makes it?

    have a great weekend!

  5. Taping, therapeutic advil, and heat/cold therapy. Hope it's better soon.

    Love those nude pumps!! I need some like that!

  6. @Julia: Thanks for the info - I admit that I'm bad at sticking to a stretching regiment. I'm going to research taping. Good luck with your injury.

    @Natalie: Love the heels advice! It's true that it never hurts when I'm wearing heels. If only someone could create magical heels that are made for city-walking ;-).

    @LPC: Here was my reason to buy these pumps last year: they were only $60! Ahh, the magic of a bargain...

    @BEB: Why thank you... my ankles are blushing! The insoles in my shoes cover up the maker, but I *think* they were Steve Madden? They're a couple of years old... I found them on the clearance rack at Filene's Basement. LOVE those moments! Ann Taylor makes some that are super-similar to these, though. Or ya know, Louboutin ;-)

    @TFE: Thank you thank you!

  7. I just remembered - I was also wearing nude heels to the wedding! Funny we didn't notice.


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