Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Demolition ditty

Embarrassing confession time: I have a weird of habit of singing the Peaches and Herb tune 'Reunited'* in my head during happy home-related events, but with my own lyrics. Three or four syllables work best.

For example, from last year at this time: "Pre-approval and it feels so gooood..."

Then: "Signing papers and it feels so gooood..."

"We bought a house and it feels so gooood..."

"Putting down floor and it feels so gooood..."

Today's little ditty?

"Demolition and it feels so gooood..."

It feels grand, actually.

*By the way, Peaches and Herb? Sooo much drama! The original duo, Herb Feemster and Francine "Peaches" Barker, are both from DC, so huge props to that. Francine didn't last, though, so Herb replaced her with Marlene Mack, but kept the name "Peaches" for the group. They had a string of hits in the '60s, and then in 1970, Herb decided to join the police force back home in Washington DC. He pounded the pavement as a DC cop for a few years until '76, when he wanted back in the showbiz game, but Marlene aka Peaches #2 was out. He set out to find a new Peaches, and hit the jackpot with Peaches #3, Linda Greene. This is the duo that struck gold with Shake Your Groove Thing and Reunited. These two recorded and toured through the '80s, when our boy Herb got the law enforcement bug again and this time became a deputized court security officer for the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Can you imagine? You're in court and suddenly you realize the officer leading you in is none other than Mr. Shake Your Groove Thing? Amazing. So in 1990, Herb found Peaches #4, Patrice Hawthorne, but they didn't really do much together because the Peaches and Herb combo #3, Herb and Linda Greene, were reunited to sue their old record label. The two never made real money from their big hits in the '60s, and as an eclectic man of many talents, you can imagine that our friend Herb probably really needed some cash. Herb and Greene won their case against the record label, and most likely shook their groove thing afterward. Is that the end of Peaches and Herb, you're asking yourself? Oh no! Since he didn't need his security officer day job anymore after his day in court, Herb jumped back into the music game and found himself a Peaches #5! Okay, so Wanda Makle, aka Peaches #5, didn't really work out, but Herb did not let that get him down and found himself Peaches #6. Peaches #6 is a big deal, folks... her name is Meritxell Negre and she's from Spain, making her the first-ever non-black Peaches! Breaking barriers right there. It's what Herb does. Their album was released in 2009. Nope, not making this up. So by now, in addition to scrambling for $8 to buy that album, you're probably wondering if Herb is a huge jerk for going through six Peaches since 1967 or if he's the sort of an everyman/underdog bound to be featured in a biopic one day. You know where I stand. He's from DC! He's an officer of the court! He is HERB.

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  1. Very exciting. I wish I had some motivation to paint my kitchen.


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