Friday, January 20, 2012


I think I have a new writing project. This is good, because my life has been fairly absent of one for a while now. And this is also not-good, because said writing project clearly isn't filling this space right now. If my grand plan materializes, though, two shall become one (no, I will not improperly use numerals... AP Style or bust!).

At any rate, the biggest grin on my face this week came from my new friends, who just happen to be gold and sparkly.

These shoes have haunted me for ages. I couldn't justify the price when they were in stores, well over a year ago. And of course, as soon as they vanished they were all I thought about. I've searched outlets, I've stalked eBay, I've spent a lot of time thinking about these shoes. All for naught, until the perfect pair finally appeared on eBay, never worn and in my size. You can bet I showed off my new friends to unsuspecting FaceTime acquaintances. 

Sparkly shoes are always a good idea. But sometimes, some weeks, sparkly shoes are a really, really good idea.

Have a sparkly weekend, guys.



  1. Those shoes are beautiful! And I'm always a fan of finding something after it's long gone from the stores (and for cheaper too!).

  2. Gorgeous!! Every girl needs a pair of sparkly shoes. Nothing better to perk up a 'blah' day!

  3. Sparkles AND a bow. Well then. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I was married in sparkly shoes. So. Of COURSE I approve. xxo

  5. A very, very good idea - and I speak from experience here. Happy weekend, M.

  6. Those shoes! I remember when I used to clomp around in the city with heels on. (Wedges, mind you). Those were the days!

  7. that's a seriously cute picture of you: all joy & sparkles. :)


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