Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ding dong, the witch is dead...

I am perhaps over-estimating the impact the dreaded wall had on my psyche. But I really do feel like we removed a life-draining force from our house on demolition day. See for yourself:



I know, right? You can see that we completely removed the angled wall and we cut down the closet wall by about one-third. We still have to rebuild the interior of the closet and obviously, re-furnish and re-decorate the empty space. We bargain-shopped some new pieces already and have one more on the way, but I'm also looking forward to the challenge of reusing some of our old favorites in new ways. Stay tuned on that front.

We really lucked out with the floor underneath the wall. We had no idea what kind of shape the wood be in, and we were thrilled when they pulled everything up to see only the faintest outline of where the wall was. You can spot the outline in the above photo, but here's a closer look. Note that we haven't had time to do anything to the floors yet - not even a simple cleaning! Life has been sort of madness around here - don't even ask what the kitchen looks like right now. So I expect the floors will look much better when they get a little TLC.

Speaking of needing some time to breathe, here's the kicker, and I expect you all to shake your heads at me: about a month ago, we planned a party at our place for next weekend. Let me rephrase: because I'm a crazy person, I put an insanely short deadline on this room's re-furnishing and re-decorating schedule. You know I can't have folks over with everything all undone, right?

So the next week should be interesting. I'll be the one hitting all the suburban HomeGoods with a timer attached to my belt loop. Not that I have anything else to do besides room decor, right?


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  1. Yay! It looks fabulous! And yes, you're crazy, but so am I and that's how stuff gets done...pressure. It we didn't have parties and entertain, we might not have ever even unpacked our boxes when we moved in! It forces you to get moving on things. Good luck!


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