Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Yesterday I fell flat on my face while walking. I was crossing a park to meet T at our neighborhood Metro station, and a slightly uneven brick hit my foot in just the right way, and... splat. Kind thanks to the homeless men who hurriedly rushed to my assistance. Oh my. So today, my knee is the size of a softball and the opposite foot is unable to bear weight. I'm feeling pretty graceful heading into the weekend... how about you?


Let's hurry up and make it 5 p.m., okay? Here are three things that made me smile this week (I've missed you, Friday I'm in Love!):

The Partisans: Birth Control Hearings (Redux)

This is the best response I can possibly imagine to the brain-exploding lunacy that is a bunch of men on Capitol Hill talking about birth control. Thank you, Andy Cobb and Second City, thank you...

U.S. Interstates as a Subway Map

Subway art will always be my favorite, but I'll give a nod here to the Interstate System as well... even if its existence is responsible for the sprawling of America. (getting off my soapbox now...)

Friends with Kids

You know those movie previews you see and in the first five seconds it's completely obvious that you will watch said movie and love it, due mostly to the fact that you love everyone* on screen? This movie is that [latest] movie for me. 

Have a great (and graceful) weekend, folks!

*Megan Fox excluded (obvs)


  1. Love all of this big time. Except for your spill. Ouch!! Happy Weekend :)

  2. Poor little knees. Advil it up friend. 1. Michigan is hysterically inaccurate on that map which makes me kind of love it more. 2. Movie trailer was awesome until the yucky poop part at the end...but can't wait to see it. 3. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Oh my goodnes, I haven't seen that preview, but it looks fantastic! I love that girl from Kissing Jessica Stein. Must see!
    And I hope you have a great weekend too!

  4. Hope your knee is quickly recovering!

    Love both of those clips!

  5. I love the part about the aspirin in the birth control hearings. Raunchy but so funny and so true.

  6. i'm dying to see that movie also! what a great cast.

  7. I hope your knee has healed up, M!

    THANK YOU for posting that movie trailer! Jon Hamm AND Jennifer Westfeldt in the same movie together?!!? SHEER excitement. As well as everyone else (again, besides Megan Fox)

  8. Oy vey Maggie! I'm so sorry to hear about your spill (even if I'm hearing about it like a week later because I'm so buried and behind in my reader). Hopefully by the time you get this message, you'll be tip top shape.

    Friends with Kids looks amazing, and I think I that maybe a senario like that one is the best shot I have at babies. Just sayin.


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