Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When I mentioned we were having some electrical work done, I didn't go into detail because, you know... it's electrical work. But one thing I had the guys do was install a new electrical outlet in the little basement-stair nook where we feed the cats. The nook is pretty nondescript, save for some tiny shelves where I collect ponytail holders, a bare lightbulb (ack! must cover that thing!), and this great print from one of my great-grandfather's runs for the State Legislature.

Yuppie alert: We wanted an outlet in this nook so that we could plug in a fancy watering system for the cats. (Whatever... you already knew we spoiled them.) Besides keeping their water fresher, we thought they'd love this because they're always intrigued by dripping/running faucets and such. So we were pretty smug that we were about to rock the cats' world with this thing. The choice of the actual watering system was harder than anticipated. You know that problem of scale when you're shopping versus when you're at home? It's how we ended up with a ginormous tv, when a "very large" tv would have sufficed. In the pet aisle, I had the opposite perspective problem - all of the watering systems seemed huge. Surely this isn't going to fit in the nook! We won't even be able to walk by this thing! And so we brought home something far smaller than necessary... but whatever.

After unpacking and repacking every watering system in the store, we selected "The Lotus." (Note: we did not pay anything close to full retail for this product.) It's small and discreet, there's not a big tacky logo on it, and because there are multiple water openings, they could both use it at the same time. Done.

So we brought home The Lotus and set it up, and the cats basically give us this expression for a few days:

No respect for the care we took selecting it, the hourly fee we paid to the electrician, or our concern for their health... nada.

Worse, though, is that another problem has surfaced: The Lotus drives me crazy. Our entire downstairs has been taken over by the sound of, at best, a fountain, and at worst, someone peeing down the basement stairs. I've tried to get in the Lotus mindset and tell myself to be Zen about it, but the feng shui in our house must be off, because that pep talk is not working. Allow me to demonstrate:

I hear that all day long. From the couch, that's what I hear. From the kitchen, that's what I hear. My only refuge is upstairs. 

Which leads me to ask: am I a bigger sucker because I installed an electrical outlet solely for my cats, because I bought a ridiculous item, or because I dislike said ridiculous item after all the effort that went into procuring it?

Oh, and it goes without saying: #firstworldproblems.


  1. That would make me want to pee ALL THE TIME.

  2. that is the prettiest kitty water fountain! we used to have one (the giant, ugly, plastic kind) but my cat will only drink water by sticking his paw in the bowl, then licking his paw. so the water gets dirty really quickly and i find a regular old bowl so much easier to clean. (and i bet you were dying to know all that!)

    a warning- do not let it run low on water. the noise it makes is even less zen-like than what you've got going on now. maybe you'll get used to it?

  3. I have to say - I love you for this!And I sort of commiserate....when we first adopted our "new" dog, I was horrified to learn that he had spent almost all of the first year of his life in the shelter. So much so, that I spent an EXORBITANT amount on his new dog bed. Ridiculously exorbitant. Probably more or close to the cost of an electrician. I even re-arranged furniture so he had a little nook of his own in our bedroom - totally cozy, near a floor-length window that he can look out.

    And he either sleeps on the floor next to the damn bed, or in an entirely different room (including under my husband's desk). I totally lose. Sigh.

    Our hearts were in the right place. That's all that matters. :)

  4. I love this post. I love that before I scrolled all the way to the bottom I was already plotting my clever comment of "firstworldproblems Maggie!" - but you beat me to it.

    I think they'll come around. That is if you don't give up on it because of the annoying factor.


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