Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Hi friends! I'm working out of T's company's New York office today... all the better to scoot up to Connecticut tonight in time for family dinner. Last night we ate at Babbo, which has long been on my to-do list, and tonight we'll eat at a longtime family fave, The Place. From chianti-stained pappardelle to clams and corn on a tree stump... I try to be well-rounded, you know?

My view today... not too shabby

I hope your weekends are full of good cheer. Here are some tidbits from my world this week. Have a good one!

Women's Congressional Softball Game

One of my favorite things about living in DC are those moments when you realize our nation's capital is actually just sort of... a small town. Cue our neighborhood elementary school athletic field hosting the Women's Congressional Softball Game this week. Nerd Celebrity people-watching (my favorite kind), long-lost friends in the crowd, a favorite senator on the mound and a favorite congresswoman wielding pom poms, playing against the Media team featuring a slew of fantastic female journalists. Oh, and Andrea Mitchell and Sen. Klobuchar as the play-by-play and color announcers? I think I have to attend every year now.

Fur Rugs?

Are these rugs ridiculous, or as amazing as I suspect? Because I sort of love them. One on each side of the bed to greet our cold feet in the morning? Cats who will love us forever because we just brought the coziest rugs of all time into the house? I'm on to something here, right?

Lace Flower Pots

I'm totally charmed by this simple DIY. These would be adorable hanging out in my sunny office window back in DC. I think it's glue gun time!


  1. Jealous of your office perch in NYC & Babbo! Yum!!! I am hoping to make it to NYC in August - fingers crossed.

    also, these women are legislators AND athletes? Color me impressed & how neat you got in on the action!

    I love the rugs. We just got rid of our large area rug in the bedroom & while I love the look of our hardwoods, I would also like a little something for my feet. I am seriously considering these so I'll be curious to hear how you like them. My main woory is either that slide around or get dingy looking...

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. I have two long furry goat skin rugs on either side of the bed that I bought at an estate sale years ago. They are awesome. They really don't show dirt. I just shake them out every week when I'm vacuuming the other rugs. I've also gotten them professionally cleaned once. It was totally affordable because most rug cleaning services base their price on the rug size. I'm sure with the smaller ones you could even take them to a dry cleaner who cleans furs and leather.

    And those IKEA versions are so cheap that I use them to cover the chairs that my dog likes to sleep in. When those get dirty I've washed them on delicate. It makes the fur curl up and they shrink slightly, but for the dogs it still works perfectly.

    Also, I'm currently watching all the episodes of White Collar, and just yesterday saw an episode where one of the characters was off to Babbo for dinner. Fictional coincidence.

  3. Aw, Maggie, you're so close! Next time you come through, let's plan an illicit midday meal at the Grand Central oyster bar or something. Have a grand time in CT!

  4. The Place, Sally's/Pepe's, and Ivy Noodle are literally the only things I ever miss about Connecticut.

    Also, the rugs are genius. Just go with it. Your feet and cats will thank you. My cat still isn't talking to me because of the sisal situation. Cautionary tale.


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