Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This and that

This is one of those weeks where I look up and am shocked to discover that it's already Wednesday. So before the week escapes me completely, some tidbits:

Bedroom Progress

On Saturday we painted our bedroom, set up the new furniture, and purged. Let me tell you... that felt pretty awesome. I'm excited about finally getting the room to a good point and sharing it with you. I've even caught myself just hanging out up there, it's getting so clean and pretty. That's pretty major considering it used to be my least favorite place in the house. Putting together a gallery display over the bed is going to take some time, but I think the end result will be great. (By the way, see how the curtains aren't long enough? I've been meaning to fix that problem for over a year.)

TJ at the office

My latest eBay find: one of the Nationals presidential bobbleheads. Those racing presidents are one of my favorite things ever... of course I had to have this.


Speaking of the Nats, at the ballpark on Sunday I acquired the most awkward sunburn in the history of awkward sunburns. Let's just say that unclothed, I still look like I'm wearing a white v-neck tee. I'm desperately trying to correct the situation with strategically applied self-tanner in advance of our family portrait on July 6. Something tells me white shoulders with a sundress isn't a great look. When will I learn?

HBO, Always

This week it's 100 degrees outside, so I feel less guilty than usual blathering on about television. Tell me - is anyone else despondent that Girls is over? The show completely won me over, due almost entirely to Lena Dunham's writing. I mean, "she wears floral capris like her hymen’s still intact," are you kidding me? That line just kills me. Another television obsession of late that I already miss: Veep. An instant classic, that show. Since I'm already sharing raunchy lines today, how about Veep's spit-out-my-drink analogy of "that's like using a croissant as a fucking dildo." Oh, yes. One facial expression from the man I will always call Buster Bluth and I am done for, completely. And finally... we have entered the land of Game of Thrones, at long last. We're making our way through Season 1 via Netflix, and yep... everyone who told me we'd get hooked on this show, you were correct.


  1. I'm supposed to be working, but I had to break for your blog. First, I feel the same way about my bedroom, mostly because we have these disgusting curtains instead of nice blinds. Do you know how much blinds cost? Holy cow.

    I'm thinking of watching Game of Thrones with my husband because it seems like TV we could mutually enjoy (along with Walking Dead and previously Deadwood). Now, per your endorsement, I'm sold.

    Lastly: Lena Dunham. Swoon. I don't have HBO and I'm pissed that it's not available on itunes. I watched the first episode on the you tubes and was hooked. A few nights ago I watched Tiny Furniture. LOVED IT. She is an oddly compelling, smart, and talented bird. I want her to come over and make me grin.

    Dinner date soon. I have some work deliverables, a trip to Boston, and big meeting. I can't believe I'm saying this, but mid-July?

  2. I love that we have the same TV taste! I had a free preview weekend for HBO a few weeks ago so I was able to catch up on Game of Thrones. I agree that it's totally engrossing, going back and reading the books now that I'm waiting for season 3 to start. And pondering getting a direwolf as a pet :-)

  3. Nice work on the bedroom! I need to do a major bedroom purge. HOw do we accumulate so much crap? Oh that's right, I just throw my laundry on the floor. Oops.
    I have yet to watch Girls, but plan on it. You might have just sold me on VEEP!

  4. GIRLS - Yessss. I just finished the season last night. It almost makes me want to go through those first few awkward years right after college again. Almost. But then I realize I wouldn't be delivering those clever quips.

  5. I love Girls and how can you not love Buster Bluth in anything he does?! I'm so sad that Game of Thrones is over!!

  6. So now I will start watching Veep on HBO2go and hope it makes up for the loss of Dunham's genius in my week.

    Also, since you're redoing the bedroom, and since I'm a Northern Californian, I couldn't help but Google fertility feng shui. I won't inflict it on you, but there is some thinking on the matter.

    Have a wonderful weekend Maggie.

  7. + 1,000,000 points for the TJ bobblehead. So much love.

  8. I bet you can resolve your farmer tan issues with diligent exfoliation prior to your picture day. Exfoliate like it's your job.

    I also firmly believe that the very best self tanner on the market is by fusion beauty, "Glow Fusion". It's pricey, but worth it.

  9. I am only tan on my face and hands. Like, six shades darker than my Day-Glo torso, three shades darker than my frightful legs. Commiserations.

    The thing about Girls is that I can see the validity behind just about every criticism hurled at it, and yet I watch it compulsively. Lena Dunham is a child of NYC in the same way that I am, so I thought it might have been that we share a language, but now I realize it's the frickin' writing.


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